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     Volume 10 |Issue 25 | July 01, 2011 |


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"Only small fry will be caught if the proposed change is brought to the law."
finance minister
about the proposed changes to the Anti-Corruption Commission Act that make it mandatory for the anti-graft body to take government permission before filing cases against civil servants.

"But what can I do if they [MPs] pocket the money instead of spending it for their office purposes."
prime minister
about Jatiya Party (a component of the AL-led alliance) lawmaker TIM Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury's allegation that MPs are not given funds to run their office.

"Resign if you have the courage. We will hold by-elections and win them. If necessary, HM Ershad will play the opposition leader's role."
Awami League lawmaker
about the threats given by opposition that they will not participate in the election without the caretaker government.

"Quitting was a mistake. But I did that out of anger."
Former state minister for energy
about his resignation in 2005 over taking a bribe of Tk 1 crore sports utility vehicle (SUV) from Niko.

"Our countrymen should know that the Kashmir problem is Nehru family's special 'gift' to the nation."
LK Advani
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader
about India's first prime minister's lack of courage to integrate Jammu and Kashmir fully to the Indian union.

"We're not going to be intimidated by big tobacco's tactics, whether they're political tactics, whether they're public affairs kind of tactics out in the community or whether they're legal tactics."
prime minister
about Australian government's proposal to ban logos and branding on tobacco packaging and tobacco giant Phillip Morris threatening to sue the government.


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