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   Volume 10 |Issue 05 | February 04, 2011 |

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"We are still in the dark why the government disregarded our plea for army deployment in the two constituencies."
Election Commissioner
about the government's inaction to EC's request to deploy army in the by-elections to Habiganj-1 and Brahmanbaria-3.

"The law has been framed in a fashion which makes a person who has to beg in order to survive a criminal, while those who extort money from citizens for whatever reason are not defined as lawbreakers!"
National Human Rights Commission's chairman
about the proposed Vagrant and Shelterless People (Rehabilitation) Act 2010.

"It is the law-enforcers' task to bring criminals to book but why the rights organisations remain in silence when law-enforcers are shot dead by criminals?"
Home Minister
about a report of Human Rights Watch (HRW), which condemned the continuing extra-judicial killing and human rights abuses in Bangladesh.

‘Universal Peace’ by Cockroach

"The country's ship breaking industry is in the grip of an evil genie that strolls down the verendas of the High Court."
Hasan Mahmud
State minister for environment and forest about concerned quarters that supposedly want to shut down the country's ship breaking industry

"I certainly think the Americans are putting a lot of pressure on the Egyptian president to show that he's listening to the people in the street."
Al Jazeera's White House Correspondent
about US government's concern about the uncertain outcome of protests aimed at toppling the pro US Mubarak regime.


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