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     Volume 5 Issue 86 | March 17, 2006 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am 22 years old. I am enrolled in Dhaka College in the Statistics department. I have got admission into a college in the United States and will go there very soon. I have a close female friend who is a year younger than I am. We know each other from class 1 and we have a very good understanding. I want to marry her because I love her very much. But the problem is that we are of similar age. Do you think this can be a problem for a married couple? She told me that she is qualified for marriage now but I am not because I need to build up my career. I also know this and that's why I decided to marry her after completing my degree when I will be 27 and she will be 26. She said that will be too late for a woman for marriage because it can be a problem for having children and can also be matching problems for us. Do you think it's true?

Dear SOF,
She is only 21 now and is not qualified for marriage, as she has not completed her education. There is absolutely no basis to think that 26 is late for getting married or having children. This is an old fashioned concept, which has no place in modern thinking. More and more women are opting for marriage at a later age without any problems. Today women have aspirations, which go beyond children, husband and home. The important thing is the understanding between the both of you, other things will fall into place.

Dear Mita,
At 22 I'm having all sorts of teenage problems! As I know very well, as much as I like him I also know that he is not exactly the person I'd like to spend the rest of my life with. But what happens is that every time there's another guy in the picture this friend of mine gets extremely bothered and starts acting weird. Recently this other guy has started showing interest in me, and I think I like him too. But again it's problematic as I'm not sure if he is over with his ex girlfriend yet. What do you think I should do at this point?

Dear Lost,
You are only 22 and there is no need to panic! No matter what, if you believe this is not the right person for you then don't pursue this any further. Let it remain a friendship no matter how weird he acts when he sees you with someone else. About the other guy, give it some time; it's a bad idea to jump from one relationship to the other. Let him make up his mind, meanwhile you should also give this a second thought.

Dear Mita,
I took part in the admission test for BBA in 2006 but I was unsuccessful. A few days ago I gave my Honours admission test under National University. I hope I will be successful. But I am not too excited about studying under the National University. My ambition is to study BBA under Dhaka University. I wish to participate in the next admission test. What can I do in this situation? Will I take admission into National University or should I keep a gap this year?

Dear KI,
This is really for you and your family to decide. Sometimes giving a gap of a year causes problems and then you might not be successful again. Is it possible to get admission to the national university and then next year sit for the admission for BBA. If this is possible then it is a better option.



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