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     Volume 5 Issue 86 | March 17, 2006 |

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The endless load shedding problems
Electricity is the most important part of our daily lives. Because of the current situation we are unable to do a lot of things. In modern society there can be no development without proper power supply. But the present state of power supply in our country has left us speechless. Particularly the northern regions of our country like Rajshahi where load shedding has reached unbearable proportions. Everyday in Rajshahi more than 8 hours of load shedding is carried out. In the past four years the total production of electricity is 100 M.W. From this view we can understand that the present government has no strategy to improve our power sector. Besides many large power units have tripped. As I'm a student, I feel for the condition of the students who are going to sit for the S.S.C exams. I want to know how the honourable minister of power will get rid of this condition.
Soumen Samaddar
4th year, Sociology
Rajshahi University

Road crossing and our traffic police
The general public hardly use the over bridges or walkways to cross the roads. Road crossing goes on unabated at the sweet will of the passers-by from all points of the road and our efficient traffic police remain totally unconcerned. Sometimes this haphazard movement leads to fatal accidents, creates public nuisance and traffic jams. The traffic rules are there only to be ignored by both the public and the traffic police. In order to stop this problem, I would suggest that on the spot penalty should be introduced with immediate effect.
Dr. S.M. Rahman
Gulshan - 2

Nice Story!
Thanks to Mustafa Zaman for his excellent cover story "Mother Tongue at Stake!". The idea was creative and the story was elaborate, informative and analytical. Before reading the story, I had some misconceptions about the 'Adivasi Language". Besides, I had no idea about the number of Adivasi people living in Bangladesh who are multilingual. The large number really surprised me. However, I also want to add that photos also enhanced the beauty of the cover story. It is good to know that certain steps are being taken to teach the different Adivasi people in their own languages. But at the same time, we also have to be aware of the fact that the different books mentioned in the story actually teach them things about our country as well. Otherwise it might lead to a different problem all together. Lastly, I hope SWM will continue to bring out more of such stories in the future as well.
N.N., on e-mail

Muslims from many countries are making cartoons insulting Jesus. They are doing this as a protest against publishing cartoons insulting prophet Mohammad (SM). How could they think up of such a bad idea for protest? Firstly, Jesus (Isa Alaihiwassalam) is also a prophet of Islam. Secondly, should we bite a dog that bites us? I hope they will think about this and not continue such ridiculous and deplorable activities.
Muhit Rahman

Poor Umpiring and a biased selection at the Bogura Test
All the cricket fans in this country were glued to their TV sets to watch the second test match between Bangladesh and Srilanka a while ago. Fresh from their maiden ODI victory against the Lankans on this very ground of Bogura, the tigers as well as the spectators were expecting the same spirit and a fantastic performance this time as well.
But our hopes for an improved performance was shattered because of some poor decisions made by the umpires and also the biased selection of the team. There is a possibility for an umpire to make a mistake, however, what amazed me the most of the that was these poorly made decisions would go completely against us.
For instance, in the second inning of Bangladesh batting, Captain Bashar was declared out when the TV replay clearly showed quite another picture. The ball actually missed the stump!
It should be mentioned here that at the Multan test against Pakistan, we probably would have won, had the umpires not saved Inzamam from an L.B.W.
I.C.C should definitely chalk out a plan to stop the recurrence of such incidents, which are really taking out the charm of cricket.
Apart from poor umpiring, biased selection also ruined the Bogura test match. I still firmly believe that had Alok Kapali and Aftab Ahmed been given chances, the scenario could have been different. What surprised me most was the inclusion of 17- year-old Mushfiqur Rahim in the test fold who is yet to prepare himself for playing at this level.
I further believe that Shareer Nafees and Nafees Iqbal should not have been included in the team since their previous performance was not up to mark.
Nazmus Saquib
Notre Dame College,

Convocation Disaster
A while ago, accompanying my son to the convocation ceremony of the East West University, I was shocked to see how an event of such importance was arranged. Firstly, it was held at the Sheraton Hotel inside a hall room, which could accommodate only 1000 people against 4000 people who came to the ceremony. Students were not given any instructions on the number of guests they could bring to the event and most of them brought at least 4-5 guests with them. As a result, the whole room was jammed with people, and the teachers were infuriated to find out that there was no space for them to even stand, finally leaving the convocation. Because of a shortage of food the university staff asked everyone to leave without dinner, to which parents were dismayed and bewildered, since they were invited to the dinner as well. I couldn't help but wonder how the convocation ceremony of such a reputable private university was arranged in such a disorganised manner. The whole event seemed like a joke to us.
T.J. Avery
A parent

Hats off to modern science
It is always great to be in the modern world full of wonders and scientific successes. Unlike the days of my grandparents' we now have to suffer a little to do an uphill task thanks to computerized technology. The organisations, offices, banks, school, colleges, universities and others are now extensively depending on computers. Education institutions are also introducing computer based learning are now learning basic lessons in English or Bangla alphabets through CDs and DVDs. It is encouraging to see how modern technology can impart education in an amusing way to the kids who are receiving it with great pleasure. My nephew, who is just about 2, enjoys watching the CDs bought for him by his Dad and he is learning things from there. The English and Bangla alphabets supported by rhyme, animated cartoons, music and other funny stuff makes my little nephew glued to the screen of the Television. I feel proud when I see him trying to pronounce the alphabets (even though in haphazard way) specially 'chondrobindu' (the last alphabet of Bangla letters) and see an eminent and bright future ahead of him. Hats off to the companies who have created such CDs.
Abdul Fatha Asif
Department of English
EWU, Dhaka

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