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     Volume 4 Issue 28 | January 7, 2005 |

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Book Review

On the Road

Floating amidst the world's largest river delta, Bangladesh pulsates with colour and restlessness; its people characterised by an insatiable curiosity and perseverance, the rhythm of life dominated by the ebb and flow of its myriad waterways. Written by young Australian author Marika McAdam, Lonely Planet's new edition guide to Bangladesh is the essential guide to one of the last places on earth that seems truly foreign.

Rivers are the economic, social and political veins of Bangladesh's human activity and engagement and are also the repository of myriad wildlife. The environment chapter surveys the wonderment of native Bangladesh, including the otherworldly Sundarbans mangrove forests, the Sylhet division, carpeted with lush and lurid tea plantations and the coastal beaches of Cox's Bazar, and provides information as to how best to catch a glimpse of Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants, black bears and river pythons.

Bangladesh can be overwhelming for even seasoned travellers but the Health and pre-planning chapters allow you to rest easy with essential information to keep you on your feet. Every chapter has comprehensive information on local accommodation, food and amniotitis, essential in a country with little tourist infrastructure. There is also detailed transport information covering the mass migration of rickshaws, boats, trains and buses that is Bangladesh transport. All of your essential and basic requirements are covered in a practical directory.

The itineraries chapter offers suggestion for experiencing the gamut of Bangladesh life, ranging in duration from one week to one month and more, each with its own particular character and focus. There are 40 maps covering all major divisions and cities of Bangladesh in detail allowing you to navigate the labyrinthine city streets of Dhaka or the islands and forests of rural divisions. There is a chapter devoted to each division and major city in Bangladesh, outlining the sights and activities available, allowing you to trek to the Mainimati Ruins, explore the Jamuna river by boat, or simply peruse the night markets and bazaars.

Gain an insight into the tumultuous and often tragic history of this nation with the History chapter. The Culture chapter offers a glimpse into the nation's twin obsessions -- politics and cricket, and prepares you for staring crowds, local customs and an introduction to Bangladesh's Tribal population.

Navigate by Lonely Planet's Bangladesh and discover the commotion and serenity of Bangladesh.

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