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     Volume 4 Issue 27 | December 31, 2004 |

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Dhaka Diary

Superiority Complex
The other day when I was riding in my car I saw a very disturbing sight. I was in Gulshan, in one of the small alleys where most cars go at a very decent speed. Obviously in residential areas the natural rule of law is that you have to drive slower than you do on the main road. A huge white Pajero with a yellow license plate zoomed by me, almost running over an old woman with a limp, who was walking on the side of the road. The driver, who was a foreigner, then backed up, got out of his car and started berating the woman in English. As he got back in the car he caught a glimpse of me staring at him, smiled, and waved! I was so angry and extremely shocked. It's such a shame that these foreigners get away with this kind of behaviour. It's bad enough that he almost ran the woman over, especially when she was on the side of the road, but to actually get out of the car and yell at her and humiliate her the way he did, is totally unacceptable. Some expats in Bangladesh really think that they are superior. I wish someone would tell them that their white skin is the only thing that sets them apart from us, and that for all their money and education, they still haven't learned common decency.

Tamanna Dhaka

Honesty, a safe policy
The other day, I had gone to a music store to buy a blank CD. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper did not have any change for the Tk 500 note that I gave him. So he politely apologised and asked me to wait while one of his boys ran out to get the change. However, the boy came back without the change, since he could not find any. The shopkeeper then told me that I could come back later and give him the money. Although, his colleagues advised him to keep my address and contact number, the shopkeeper just smiled and said that it was not necessary. I did not return the next day, but went back only after a week or so. Upon entering the shop to return the money, the shopkeeper gave me a big smile and even gave a sigh of relief upon seeing me. I guess he thought it was worth trusting my honesty, which was showing on his glowing smile while taking the money from my hand!

On email

Bridge on the Lake Banani
I was crossing the bridge on Banani Lake on my way to Jatra. I heard there were some new items which I wanted to check out. As I was crossing, I noticed something really disgusting. There is a nursery by the lake and a little boy was watering the plants with water from the lake. He was using some form of container through which the colour of the water was a deep grayish blue. I am sure that the plants will be able to survive the chemical compositions in the water but what of all the people who live on the lake and drink that water? The government is least bothered about the pollution level there and about the people who dwell in the surrounding areas. I am sure that the fish and other life in the water have already died by now. The authorities must do something about this immediately.

Farhana Alam Banani


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