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February 21, 2004

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"A blind man in a room full of deaf people."
Paul O'Neill
former US treasury secretary, characterising cabinet meetings with president Bush.

“And so, in my State of the-- my State of the Union-- or State-- my speech to the nation, whatever you want to call it, speech to the nation-- I asked Americans to give four thousand years-- four thousand hours over the next-- the rest of your life-- of service to America.”
George W. Bush,
US president.

“Before September 11, I remember asking on TV if Bush knew where Europe was. Then suddenly you had to act as if he was Einstein.”
Anne Robinson
TV programme West-Link's host.

“He is like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. He's dead and doesn't know it yet.”
Chris Lehane
strategist for US presidential hopeful Wesley Clark, on rival candidate Joseph Liberman.

“They just stumbled on the road during a melee.”
Altaf Hossain Chowdhury
Home Minister (HM). Though the HM denied any police action against two opposition leaders, Ahsanullah Master, an MP, and Saber Hossain Chowdhury, newspaper photographs showed police charging baton on both of them.

“This country takes exposed breasts very, very seriously.”
Robert Thompson
director of the Centre for Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University, on American outrage at Janet Jackson's partial nudity during the super bowl broadcast.

“Recently he seems to be playing one match and misses the next two.”
Mustaq Mohammad
former skipper of Pakistan National Cricket team, on Shoaib Akhter.

“He ran a gas station down in St. Luis.”
Hillary Clinton
referring to Gandhi in a speech at a fundraising event.

Compiled by: AHMEDE HUSSAIN. Quotes can be sent to <dsmagazn@gononet.com>

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