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February 21, 2004

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Ferry's Song

A few days ago, while I was travelling by bus from Dhaka to Rajbari, I had to board a ferry to cross a big river. On the ferry, I saw a blind beggar singing religious songs. At first, I did not pay much attention to him and was just enjoying the sights. However, a few moments later, I heard him singing a song, which totally captured my attention. Everyone around him was astonished as well. Upon hearing this song. It had a very melodious rendition of an indigenous time. Though I belong to different religion, I was moved by the song. It went something like, "Allahu Allahu Tumi Jalle jallaluhu, shesh kora to jai na geye tomar guno gaan". After he finished the song, I asked his name to which he said Abul Razzak . I started a conversation with him and in the end, I gave him some money. Until that day, I couldn't imagine that a blind man could sing that well. The ferry soon reached the destination and I got off. I think that there are a lot of talents in every corner of Bangladesh. If we could take the time to get to know these people, Bangladesh would surely be a Sonar Bangla.

Sujit Basak Novendra Nath Basak Lane, Nobabpur

A HeartlessTeacher

When this happened, my friend was an examinee for the 2nd year final exam at DU. He was unwell and he scored twenty one answering only two questions out of five. Later, he gave an improvement test and was satisfied with his exam. But when he got the mark sheet, he was astounded to find out that he got only 24. He had answered all the questions, but the result was ridiculous! He met up with the examiner but in vain. He wants to challenge the marking and met with the controller who advised him not to challenge the mark as nothing would come out of it. The examiner was an influential senior teacher of the department and was actively involved in politics, no one would dare remarking the paper. Rather, he (my friend) would be coloured to the teacher, which may impede his educational career. So my friend was compelled to accept the result. As he was an arts student, it was not possible for him to cover the huge mark difference in his honors final. The fatal consequence of all this was him ending up with a third class, just for 12 marks. No one really believed that he could be the victim of such cruel circumstances. This same student took the 11th position in his masters examination, but his honours result will always seem like a scar on his academic life. While correcting the papers, the teachers should really be careful as a single mistake can inflict damage to the career of a student. I will never forget this incident that nearly tarnished my friend's life.

A concerned student of D.U.

Daylight Robbery

A couple of days ago, I went to Zia Airport to see off my brother-in-law. I was feeling a little down because I was going to miss him. As soon as we left the taxi in the airport, a man came towards us with a trolley, wanting to lend a hand with our luggage. We avoided him and were going to get our own trolley, but the man came in front of us and eagerly requested us to take his trolley. Reluctantly, my brother-in-law put his luggage on the trolley. We took our time to get inside, as other family members were present in the scene, giving blessings. Suddenly, I looked at the man and saw him heading towards the entrance of the airport with our luggage. We started to follow him. At the entrance, he demanded Tk.100 from us for his assistance as tip. I asked him whether he worked for the airport. He replied, "No sir, but we are always busy to help you out in any inconvenient situation". I offered him Tk.20 but he kept pressing for Tk.100. In the end, he left with the Tk.20 note. I later saw that he was helping out other passengers and was demanding more money. Though there were a lot of police, security force and airport staff around, nobody did anything to stop these swindlers. Is there no solution?

Thowhid Fattah Department of Sociology
Dhaka University



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