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August 15, 2003

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Dear Mita,
I'm a student of Sherpur Government College in 2nd Year Science Group. I believe that some illegal activities took place during the First Year exams which were held recently. I think one of the teachers sold all the exam scripts even before examining them and later, assigned fake marks to all the students. I couldn't believe this at first because the teacher was known to be honest and responsible, but I was shocked to find my own exam script, unevaluated, at a grocery store. I want to do something about this but I don't know what.

Dear MAAM,
You should take legal help. Talk to a lawyer friend who might be able to give advice. You must also gather as much proof as possible. I totally agree that you should do something about this. These kinds of people should not be allowed to work as examiners and should be punished both socially and legally.

Dear Mita,
I'm 22 years old and studying at DU. My family is not well-off and due to our need for money, I work extra hard all day long, giving private tuition besides studying myself. But I don't have a congenial environment for studying at home. The television is usually on very loud and my parents also quarrel now and then which distracts me. I have a seat at a residential hall but can't afford it financially as my parents deny me my expenses as well. I just can't deal with all this sometimes. Please tell me what I can do.

Dear FLN,
It must be hard and you have all my sympathies. However, having come so far, you should not give up now. Please talk to your parents; explain to them the consequences of the present situation. As they do not want you to fail, I am sure they will at least listen to you. Regarding your seat in the residential hall, well, perhaps they really cannot afford it. Perhaps you can pay for it yourself out of your tuition money. You must also discuss this with them. Sometimes we give little credit to our parents -- they might surprise you with their understanding.

Dear Mita,
I'm 19 years old -- the eldest child in my family -- and have just taken my HSC exams. I have two younger brothers who only play and watch television all the time. They do not do well in their studies and my parents blame me for it, thinking that I don't do my duty as an elder brother. But whenever I try to talk to my brothers about it, they are not interested. Relations between my family and myself are deteriorating. Is there any way out of this problem?
--In a hole

Dear In a hole,
As an elder brother, you do have a certain responsibility towards them. However, how this problem is approached is important. You will first have to become a friend before expecting them to listen or obey. Young people generally rebel against authority and that is what they are doing. You will have to think of innovative ways to make them get back to books and studies. You should also understand that these boys are not abnormal -- all children their age are doing it. Regarding the relationship with your parents, you should be able to handle it. You have to demonstrate in some ways that you are responsible and care about the younger brothers.


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