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August 15, 2003

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The Water Problems

During this rainy season, one of the most common problems that the city dwellers face is overflowing water from the sewers. The government is not doing anything to clear up the old drainage systems. So where will all the rain water go? Another problem is that whenever the City Corporation sends workers to take care of the clogged drains, they end up pumping the wastewater onto the roads. This, obviously, is not a solution, but an addition to the persisting problem. The city commissioner should take proper care of the sewerage systems because we can see what's happening on the outside but what happens underground is something that is totally uncertain.
Kazi Bari

Thanks Mahfuz Anam

I would like to thank the Editor Mahfuz Anam for his write up on our songs and music on August 1 on SWM. Now-a-days, our indigenous culture is becoming more and more diluted via satellite television. Foreign cultures are invading our own. A few months ago, a “Bangla Utshab” was held at our college campus, but what surprised me was that all the shops were playing Hindi and English song titles. A line from the excerpt that I really liked was, “We must hear and enjoy music from all over the world but at the same time promote our own.” We shouldn't forget turn our back to our indigenous resources, rather, we must make effort in improving it.

Md. Abdullah Imran
Kushtia Govt. University College

Unnecessarily Disrespectful

I enjoy reading your magazine immensely, in fact I must have SWM in my hand on Friday morning with my bed tea. As I was reading your August 1 issue I came across this column 'This much I know' written by an old acquaintance, Saqi Rahman. Out of sheer pleasure I started to read her piece but unfortunately I was utterly disgusted with her style of writing, she was not only disrespectful of her long dead neighbours but also very odd in describing her 'grandparent, uncle or widowed aunt thrown in her family'.
In fact I am one of the eighteen children of that 'man with a big household' (a then minister and an advocate). She wrote that he married after the death of his first wife so that there would be a woman in the house looking after the man's already nine children. And the way she described my mother, ' she too produced another nine, gave up early trying to distinguish between her children and the step children and lived happily in her own room ignoring the lot of them' was so discourteous and fabricated that I found it in poor taste. In fact I failed to find the link between her write-up recycling of old books among siblings and her description of her neighbours, and filling up of Gulshan lake or lending money to bank defaulters.
Would someone kindly tell her that a perfect feature is like a circle in the format, you come back to what you start with, and in this case I would really like to know what her friends among the choice of eighteen did with their books?

Naseem Iqbal Ali

The City of Muggers

Dhaka city will soon be called the 'city of muggers' because the number of muggings that are taking place day in and day out is steadily rising. On August 6th, I was on my way back to my hall from place where I give tuition. As I was getting down from the bus, a mugger got hold of me. He took away my watch and told me that he was one of the 'top men' in the area. He soon left, with my belongings, leaving me petrified. I could not believe my own voice because I was repeatedly thanking him for not injuring or stabbing me. I feel that we are dolls in their hands. Will this ever stop?
Md. Omar Faruk
Department of Chemistry


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