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Daily Star Talks: ‘Youths want to cast vote peacefully’

In today’s episode of Daily Star Election Talks, hosted the newspaper’s Planning Editor Shakhawat Liton, two students of Dhaka University—Sumaya Jahid and Saiful Islam—shed light on the aspirations and thoughts of the young generation over the December 30 elections.

What kind of election the young generation is expecting? In response, Sumaya Jahid says, “We obviously want a free and fair election and demand a congenial atmosphere to cast votes.”

In her opinion, the young generation wants to cast their votes peacefully.

Another student of Dhaka University, Saiful Islam says, “We express our opinion through vote only once in five years. If that space is shrunk or we cannot cast our votes, it will be much frustrating.”

In this election, around 2.5 crore youths are going to exercise their franchise for the first time. The political parties have come with different kinds of pledges to woo the young voters. The major parties have promised that they would ensure education and employment of the youths. Even, the Election Commission has sought the attention of the young generation in an advertisement.

Regarding the pledges of the major parties, Sumaya says a political party committed to creating employment opportunity for the youths in its manifesto; the party is now in power. However, have they been able to alleviate the unemployment problem in reality?

Asked whether the society of youths are disinterested to politics, Saiful said, “If the youths are really apathetic to politics, it is because of the politicians’ presentation of politics that is making the youths to be nonchalant to politics.”

Sumaya expects, whichever party forms the government through the election, will improve the education system. The new government will prevent question paper leaks, bring reformation in the job sector and reduce the unemployment rate, she hopes.

Echoing her peer, Saiful stresses on the right to freedom of expression as guaranteed by the constitution and expansion of employment opportunity out of Dhaka.

To know more, watch the full video here!

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