09:50 PM, December 23, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:29 AM, December 24, 2018

Daily Star Election Talks

The Daily Star’s Chief of crime Desk Shariful Islam and Staff Reporter Tuhin Shubhra Adhikary have traversed the southern regions of the country to know the ins and outs of the election field.

In today’s episode of Daily Star Election Talks, they share their experiences with the show host ShakhawatLiton, the planning editor of the newspaper.

‘Absence of festivity’

Talking about the field level election atmosphere, they say the kind of enthusiasm usually seen among the people during the election time was mostly absent.

In the beginning, people are saying the election atmosphere is good, but when approached to them as journalists they are opening up, the duo says.

Actually, people are scared to talk. They are keeping mum on the ground that if their opinions go against the ruling quarters, they may be subject to arrests even physical assaults, they opine.

They also say that even the journalists working on the ground level are also going through one kind of self-censorship.

To know more, watch the full video here!

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