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Take BNP's money, but vote for AL

PM asks voters; says country will be ruined if BNP wins

Bringing accusations of nomination business against the BNP, Sheikh Hasina yesterday alleged that the party was either plotting to rig the coming election or foil it.

“They [the BNP] nominated three to four candidates for each seat and those seats have been auctioned,” said Hasina, president of the ruling Awami League.

“I would like to tell the countrymen that they plundered public money. So let the money return to the people. Take their money and vote for boat,” she said, reports BSS Bangla.

She also urged the people to stop the BNP from winning the December 30 polls.

Bangladesh will be ruined if BNP returns to power, she said while addressing an election rally in Gaibandha through videoconferencing from her residence Shuda Sadan in the capital.

"If the corrupt, looters of orphans' money, killers, attackers of August 21 and smugglers of 10-truck arms manage to come to power again, Bangladesh will be ruined. They'll take the country to the verge of destruction," she said, UNB adds.

She also addressed election rallies in Cox's Bazar, Narail and Joypurhat through videoconferencing.

"They [BNP] don't believe in independence, they don't believe in the spirit of the Liberation War, they don't believe in the welfare of mass people, they just believe in looting, arson attack and killing," she said.

The people of Bangladesh do not want to see the BNP in power again, she added.

The AL does not want to see the terrorism and killings again that had become a routine during the BNP-Jamaat regime, Hasina said.

"We don't want the terrorists of BNP-Jamaat to show their ugly faces again as we want peace to prevail in the country for the sake of development," she added.

Talking to the people of Narail, she said the AL never did nomination business. Besides, she asked the party leaders and activists to work together to ensure its victory in the upcoming national election.

"To retain power and maintain the ongoing development trend, the most important thing is to ensure the victory of Boat," she said.

As a large party, AL had multiple nomination seekers for one seat. But the party had to pick only one candidate per constituency, she said.

"We've conducted several surveys two years after the last general election... We've selected our party candidates based on those surveys. But, AL didn't do any business while selecting the candidates," she added.

Accusing the BNP of nomination business, the AL president said, "It's the habit of BNP to do election business. As a result, they're now experiencing intra-party conflicts...”

BNP men set fire to their own offices and shifted the blame onto another party, Hasina said.

She also said that she had heard the BNP men would wear Mujib Coat and badges of AL, BCL and Juba League on the polls day to create anarchy and rig the votes.

"I also heard they're printing fake ballot papers... We've to save the country from this evil quarter," she said.

While addressing the Cox's Bazar audience, Hasina said the AL government has fulfilled all of its election pledges in the last two terms. "AL never reneges on its election manifesto," she said.

She further said the government was working for the overall development of the country and its people. "We believe in the balanced development of the country, we've taken steps for the balanced development."

Whenever AL comes to power it always works for the welfare of the country and it will do the same in the coming days, Hasina said.

"We'll ensure the overall development of the country so that we can build a hunger and poverty free Bangladesh which was the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman," she said.

To keep up the trend of development, Hasina said, people will have to cast their votes in favour of the AL in the upcoming election and give it another chance to serve them.

"I'm requesting all to give us the chance," she said.

If voted to power again, it would be possible to implement the development programmes initiated by her government and thereby maintain the ongoing pace of progress, Hasina said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the prime minister, renewed her appeal to the people for casting votes for the AL and its grand alliance candidates so that the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation and the Golden Jubilee of Independence could be celebrated with the AL in power.

Later, Hasina introduced the AL and its grand alliance candidates in Narail and Rajshahi.

Talking to the people of Joypurhat, Hasina said she has the belief that AL will return to power again through the votes of mass people in the month of the great victory.

"We want to get another chance to serve the people again," she said.

Briefly describing various development projects in the last 10 years, Hasina said once the country's northern areas used to be branded by “Monga”. "But there's no Monga now, we've been able to eradicate this with various types of development projects."

Taking a swipe at the BNP-Jamaat for using religion for their political purpose, Hasina said they have used Islam as a tool for their political purpose. "They've created militancy and killed people, unleashed arson attacks," she said.

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