01:17 PM, December 13, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:02 PM, December 13, 2018

Workers’ Party unveils reformist charter

Workers’ Party of Bangladesh today unveiled their manifesto which is mostly focused on bringing reforms to the existing state mechanisms.

At the unveiling, the party’s President Rashed Khan Menon said they laid importance on women and youth in their manifesto ahead of the election.

Menon said, along with development, discrimination is increasing. "If voted to power, we'll reduce discrimination from the society," he added.

The party’s General Secretary Fazle Hossain Badsha highlighted some issues of their manifesto touching on banking system, graft and age ceiling in civil service.

He said, the party will completely reform politics and election system to save the country from political corruption. “We will remove family control over banks, increase the age ceiling in civil service to 35 from the existing 30.”

The party also pledged to take initiative to implement vested property return act and fight to increase basic salary of garment workers and approve a compensation of Tk 15 lakh.


The Workers’ Party has shared the parliament with the ruling coalition led by Awami League for the past 10 years of its two-time governance period.

Rashed Khan Menon has been a cabinet minister – of two separate ministries – in the last cabinet as civil aviation minister and social welfare minister.

This year, five candidates of the Workers’ Party are contending with the Awami League’s symbol boat, which includes Menon, and three others with own party symbol ‘hammer’.


Commenting over the overall political situation in the country, Menon spoke in tune with the ruling Awami League and took a jab at BNP.

BNP and Jamaat are active to make the 11th parliamentary election questionable, Menon said. “They are also trying to create no-confidence on Election Commission.”

"We hope they will be refrained from doing this in the coming days," he said.

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