12:00 AM, December 31, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 03:09 AM, December 31, 2018

Election was peaceful

Foreign observers say after visiting 5 polling stations in Dhaka

A team of foreign election observers said they witnessed calm and peaceful election at different polling centres in the capital yesterday.

“We have visited a number of polling stations… and as far as the perception goes there was calm, serene and ambiance in the polling stations,” said Aariz Aftab, chief electoral officer of West Bengal.

Talking to reporters at the end of voting, he said, “....a lot of gaiety was visible. Whatever we've perceived I think it was very meticulous planning and meticulous organisation by the Bangladesh Election Commission.

“We hope that through this visit the relationship between the EC of India and EC of Bangladesh will be strengthened... this is to carry forward good and cordial relationship between the election commissions of the two countries,” Aariz Aftab added.

The observer team includes five persons from Canada, India and Nepal; of them, three were from Indian election commission. Besides, three local observers visited polling centres.

“Everyone is getting access to their polling station and is able to cast their ballot and all of the officers and officials are doing a great job in maintaining order,” said Tania Dawn Foster, an observer from Canada.

Tania Foster said she visited five centres and a number of polling booths. “Everything that I have observed to this point has demonstrated that the voters are feeling empowered and enthusiastic about being able to come and vote,” she said, reports BSS.

She said the election has been “really orderly” that the voters are “feeling empowered and enthusiastic about being able to come and vote”.

Another Indian observer, Gautom Ghosh, said, “Voting going on very spontaneously. There is complete peace and I feel everything is good till now.”

Later, during a briefing at Sonargaon Hotel, Prime Minister's International Affairs Adviser Dr Gowher Rizvi told foreign observers that 18 people were killed in violence during the parliamentary election.

Of the victims, 12 were from the Awami League, three from BNP, one from Chhatra Sena, one ansar member and one bystander, he said.  

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