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Day Camp!

GROWING up in Dhaka can be somewhat claustrophobic. Watching TV, gaming, and occasionally running around in side alleys or on the roof, other than that, what else have kids got to do?
With dwindling parks and genuine family entertainment centres on the decline, kids these days rarely have the chance to fool around and learn life's lessons their own way.
In this regard the creative consulting firm RESSKETCH in association with Maker Communication and sponsorship from Arla Foods have arranged “DANO KIDz Day Camp”.
The event is focused towards kids from ages five to ten, and will be offering fun exercises on art and craft, history lessons through puppet shows, etc. Other than that, the even will also offer fun activities such as Chader Buri, Monkey Dance, Puppet show, Origami, Magic, Kite, Bioscope, Fait Teller Parrot, Ronpa, Latim, Marble, Bubble Show, etc.
The event is scheduled for the 29th of May, and will be held in two sessions, the morning session from 9 to 12 and the afternoon session from 3 to 6. Registration forms are available at all Kay Kraft outlets and for more information please call: 01711225733 and 01553388255.
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