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Embarrassing Snapshots, Click!

IT'S amazing how a simple and tiny device like the camera can divide the entire people of the world into different categories. in fact, my friends, the camera is no mere device that you can carelessly tuck in your jeans pocket or hand bag because it can be a constant threat to some poor people(like me) or be a very good weapon to attack enemies with. Also it alone has the capability to make you famous (if you are pretty) in facebook in the blink of an eye or instantly degrade you in front of thousands of people forever an ever and then you have to bear the title of “ultimate moga” or something)!! Thus, with all that said I believe everyone can now see the effect a camera can have in our lives and to be more precise change it for ever.

How ever, the camera alone cannot do all these without the divine human aid and here's a brief intro to the people who are the behind the scene crew of the camera's evil attacks.

You will never fail to notice, when it comes to taking pictures, that those people with pretty faces and flashy teeth (remember close up) will always be in the front and if some one tries to put them in the back they will force their way through and some how or the other will manage to cover the entire picture with themselves. But it so turns out, that these fortunate people of the world are not satisfied enough with their own pictures and for some odd reason they get an intense pleasure in harassing the less fortunate people by taking their pictures in the most embarrassing situations for example while they are imitating a psycho teacher or getting whacked by someone else etc. And believe me once the camera goes click in these particular moments, the victim cant look people in the eye for days as if it is a crime to look stupid in a photo.

I for one have always been a target of these tortures. I was humiliated and degraded for years but like all nights come to an end, my pains also nearly ended when God blessed me with a camera of my own.

By this time I was perfectly aware of the powers of this device and so I stood up to take revenge. The first thing I did was to throw a party and when all my friends came I started taking pictures of them while they were eating, and oh! What pictures!!! Some were crunching bones while others were spilling water over their fronts and just by the sight of these pictures the sweetness of revenge was overwhelming me. Then, like the good friend I am, I uploaded all the pictures on face book and tagged them and commented on them and believe me it felt GOOD!!

So from then on whenever one odd photo of me was taken, I balanced it out with one of their odd photos and tad ah! Life was not as bad as I thought!!

So, next time any of you get an embarrassing photo shot, even it out with an equally odd photo of theirs and enjoy the sensation of delight. CLICK!!

By Mashiat Rabbani

Maybe, a second chance?

THE soft uninterrupted, beeping noise nearby confused him about his whereabouts. He wondered whether he was dreaming. A second ago he was in fact having a very vague dream but that was totally different, and this was the real world, he realized. He tried to snap out of this confusion and gather his senses. His head felt so heavy as if it weighed more than a ton. He could not feel his limbs at all. He was lying on a soft bed with a blanket on top. Every part of his body was throbbing with pain. Eyes still shut he took a moment to browse through his memory. And then it hit him like a solid barrier. He knew very well where he was and how he had landed there. But what surprised him most was that he was actually there.

The previous day five in the morning Ronnie and a couple of his friends were cycling through the main road. They had done this several times in their winter vacation. This had given them immense delight. At high velocity the icy wind felt as if knives were being chucked on their faces. The fast traveling panorama alongside their bikes made their head spin whenever they looked at it. Their surroundings were covered in thick fog so they could not actually see very clearly where they were heading. This did not bother them because they knew the road too well. But this slight ignorance could have cost them their lives.

Music and cycling was quite fun when combined together, Ronnie thought. So that morning when he was ear-plugged and cycling with great speed with an obscure, foggy vision in front of him he glanced back to check his friends' positions. But his friends' were stationed at a spot and their expressions were not what Ronnie had anticipated. Their faces registered shock and both of them were repeatedly pointing their hands in front of Ronnie. Their faces were red and they had been shouting caution signs at the top of their voices for quite a while but Ronnie obviously could not hear them. Ronnie turned his face in front of him to look at the thing his friends were gesturing at but for a split second he could not believe his eyes. Just his opposite a huge bus was advancing towards him at great speed, the bus driver was trying to brake in time but Ronnie had no control of his speed. With a shattering crash Ronnie's bike made contact with the bus's front. The effect lifted Ronnie's bike into the air and he fell, his head slamming on the ground followed by his bike beside him. Within seconds his head began to bleed and he became unconscious.

Ronnie was immediately rushed into the hospital and his parents were called. His brain was operated on for hours, which would not cause any lasting damage but will take many weeks to recover. One of his bones in the left leg had just cracked into two, which would also take time to recover. Doctors reported that this was truly a miracle that no permanent damage was made.

Ronnie recounted his own version of the event in his mind the next day on the hospital bed. He knew for some reason life had given him a second chance and he would be ever thankful to God for this rare gift.

By Arman Rashid


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