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The week in re(ar)view

Bangladesh to go up in a mushroom cloud
RS needs to run a special apocalypse issue on how to deal with a post nuclear Bangladesh. Our country along with seven other countries got the much-desired approval of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to set up nuclear reactors for power generation.

Considering how everything governmental ultimately breaks down, a nuclear power plant raises concern. Potential meltdowns and radiation are worrisome. Worse still, it worries us to no end thinking everything will start emitting that sickly green glow. Its just plain gross.

Country demands 5,000 MW of electricity but generation is only 3,200. "Capacity of the proposed nuclear power plant is likely to be 600 MW," a BAEC official told the news agency.

Kill the farmers
Proposal ready to up fertiliser price 51pc. That's a great way to up the countries income as Bangladesh is mostly agricultural. All these people buying fertilizer at high prices will rake in the money like things that get raked in by, er, rakes.

Apparently, the price hike is a way to minimise the loss of government-run fertiliser factories and to stop smuggling to the neighbouring countries.

Of course, what this translates to in real world terms is an increase in price of goods grown by fertilizer. As a result fewer people can eat. That leads to starvation. And that leads to deaths and a lowering of population. So ultimately, raising price of fertilizer is just a way to control population. Heck, governments should come to us when thy need logically implausible reasons for doing things.

Humans and crows
While Darwin said human beings are closer to apes, our Resident Conspiracy Theorist (RCT) would like to offer a different view. He says: “I offer a different view”.

He also elaborated, “Darwin is damn wrong. Humans, especially Bangladeshis are evolved from crows.”

Ever notice how when one crow dies thousands flock to the area and start going berserk? Well, our country folk do the same thing. Somebody dies in a road accident, thousands go berserk smashing cars.

On June 22, hawkers of Gulistan went ballistic not because someone offered an absurdly low price but because 2 colleagues were run over by a vehicle.

Processions and vandalism occurred. But that is only the side story. Main story here is RCT unearthed the amazing conspiracy that surrounding Darwin. He connived with Hollywood filmmakers to come up with the ‘ape story’ when actually it's a ‘crow story’. It’s all because apes make for better movie plots. Just imagine something called “Planet of the Crows”. Doesn't quite have that allure. And all that was done through time travel.

By Mood Dude and Gokhra

RS Mailbox

The one-stop junction for love, hate and all that you have for RS. Send in you queries, praise, suggestions, complaints, grudges and even write-ups to

RS looks
The new look of The rising Star is cool except the logo.

On 21st June's issue of Rising Stars, the article namely “Dav Whatmore: The Dream Merchant” written by Monty Python was an awesome one. That splendid piece of writing depicts how coach Dav Whatmore developed a haphazard Bangladesh cricket team into a fountain of talent. Last but not least, the coloured getup of RS looks exclusively cool. Keep this continuing, guys.

Potter Spoiler
Can someone please tell me what is the point of publishing the series of Potter reviews? While the muggle world is abuzz trying to figure out the identity of RAB (Is he Regulus Augustus Black, Sirius's brother?), the location of the horcruxes and the fate of the central characters, RS is taking a step backwards by publishing prehistoric Potter reviews. Is anyone left standing on Earth who has not read the Potter series already? Surely, we browse book reviews to judge books we have not read yet. A discussion group with the opinions of potter freaks will be more apt.
Cursed Crusader

Potter on line
Appreciate the changes you guys are committing to. Speaking of that, there seems to be a growing interest with Harry Potter among your readers.

This may sound weird, however the Seventh Book is out on the internet already. ( Book 7 is VERY different). If there's any information or questions that the readers need (without needing spoilers), just let me know. For now, here's a humor article on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Mashrur Rahman

Bearded confusion

The article titled 'Beard Mania' on last week's issue was rather disappointing. First of all, I would like to point out the fact that I don't keep a beard of any sort and so I am not trying to defend a person who thinks that growing French beard represents manhood. I read the article with a lot of enthusiasm but I am sorry to say that even though some parts were well-written, the ending was mundane, to say the least! It failed to amuse me as a reader and to be honest, certain justifications that the writer gave, particularly towards the end, seemed totally deprived of logic. At one stage, it also seemed to me that instead of proving how growing beard is a vain attempt at showing manhood, the writer was vainly trying to undermine the guys. In the end, it turned out to be yet another write-up that proved the fact that women actually don't understand men, as well as they might think they do!
T.Z.Banani, Dhaka.

WOW, the last week's article on beards was spot-on. The writer took a light approach to it but there were many underlying truths. Plenty of guys keep a beard to appear manly. Hollywood and now Bollywood celebrates men with carefully trimmed stubble that looks like a natural thing. Although the last para was a bit on the gross side, the rest followed thoroughly what guys and beards mean together.

From the RS Desk

Dear readers,
We're seeing more crazy weather this week, with pouring rain one day and blistering sunshine the next. If you had any doubts as to what was causing all this, we're sure Diya and Fakir have cleared it all up for you in the cover story.

We're getting mixed reviews of the Harry Potter reviews, and here we'd like to clear up one thing: we know very well that practically everyone on the planet has probably read all the 6 books. The reviews are meant to be a tribute to JK's magical series, and a sort of literary walk down memory lane. We're backing it up with more HP fun, so look out for the juice games, movies and more.

This week, we look at more trends and teen lifestyle issues. From the metro revolution, to hairstyles and a beard based debate. IF you want to have your opinions heard, you know where to mail it.

We've got some season's specials coming up, so keep your peepers peeled. Till next week, stay cool, and stay dry.

Game on!

DGL(DaGameLeague), a gaming community started by four people, has now grown to a small organisation of over 100 members. They have been organising tournaments and lan party all over dhaka, as well as provide an arena where players can challenge each other's capabiliteis.

Dgl was established in june of 2005 and till then it has hosted three official tournaments till now. The upcoming tournament on the 1st week of July is going to be held on popular multiplayer games like Fifa 07, NFS: Most wanted, Counter strike Source, Warcraft(Dota) and Unreal Tournament 2004. Teams and players from all over the city are going to participate in the tournament. For more imformation log onto the DGL website-----




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