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     Volume 10 |Issue 30 | August 05, 2011 |


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Artistes of the Floating World

“Sat-sagorer phenai phenai mishey ami jai bheshe dur deshe….” Tagore's Tasher Desh (The Land of Cards) performed by India Life Saving Society (ILSS) at the pool of Mirpur's National Swimming Complex, undoubtly took the audience to a fairyland; enchanted them with unparalleled dance-moves and well-loved music for a whole two hours. The performers in their exquisite costumes and make-up portraying the appropriate moods of the characters, glided through the pool water with the ease of mermaids. The theme of the play — breaking the conventional and rigid rules and welcoming the new — remarkably blended with ILSS's unique effort. The voluntary society was founded in 1922 with the aim to rescue people from drowning. Directed by Arijit Guha, the troupe performed the water-drama, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, on July 29 and 30, to raise funds for cancer patients.

Mumit M

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