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May 30, 2003

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I am writing about Faisal Hassan of Poltan. Last Friday (9/05/03) he wrote a letter about undisciplined CNG drivers. He wrote that the CNG driver he had taken asked for Tk. 5 more than the actual fare. Well this is standard procedure that occurs often in our unfriendly Dhaka city. The CNG drivers claim that this is unavoidable for them because they have to return to their original destination which costs them that extra Tk. 5. The other day, I was also charged an extra Tk. 6 coming from Old Dhaka to Mohammadpur. Apparently, this is an unofficial law and even the police will not be able to help you.

Chemical-Biological Weapons' Walk to Syria

The excuse Bush gave in order to invade Iraq was that he wanted to find Biological-Chemical Weapons. He also wanted to prove to the world that Iraq and Saddam Hussein is capable of a global mass destruction campaign. However, one month has passed since Saddam's regime toppled, and Bush has not found any such weapons. Now Bush is saying that the weapons of mass destruction have gone to Syria. In other words it is time to show his power to the Syrian government and its people. The talented Bush and his talented detectives did not reckon that the weapons could be crossed over to the Syrian border! Bush & Co. did not realise prior to their invasion, that these weapons would walk and flee away to Syria! So before starting another war, can Mr. Bush give us a guarantee that these weapons will not run away to yet another country?
Md. Zakir Mursaleen
University of Dhaka

On Chronic Power Crisis

It was mentioned in the 5th and 6th pages of the article titled “A Chronic Power Crisis” that “
most of the power plants are old and they are not even maintained properly.” It is true that a large number of power plants are old, but it is not true that they are not maintained properly. In fact engineers and technicians of PDB have been working hard to keep the old units operative despite many odds. More over, a number of power generating units are even have been repaired and overhauled by the local PDB engineers, technicians and experts. In the same article it was also mentioned that DESA is a PDB subsidiary which is not correct. In fact DESA is a separate organisation. It only buys electricity from PDB.
There is no deficit from PDB's part in supplying electricity to DESA. PDB provides electricity to DESA as much as they can take. In the later article titled “Poorly Maintained Age-old system” it was reported that “there should be no crisis in Dhaka as PDB is providing the required amount Dhaka needs.”
ASM Bazlul Haque
Directorate of Public Relations,
Power Development Board.

Thanks To the UN

Being a fervent reader of SWM, I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to Mahfuz Anam for his article titled, “We Need the UN As Never Before” on the role of the UN on the Iraq War. Although the U.S. and its counterpart, the UK jointly invaded Iraq, defying the UN, the UN continued to be active in its disapproving stance. I agree with Anam's valuable words because although it is obvious that the UN is led by the US, it has shown courage in speaking out against the position of the US, thus echoing what many other people in the world would like to voice. Many people like me, before reading Anam's article, believed that the UN was nothing but a handmade doll of the US that is compelled to do everything according to what the US believes. I thank the UN for taking a position against the US; for going its own way.
Chittagong University


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