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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 258
February 25, 2012

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HC To evict structures
The High Court directed the government on February 22 to demolish all structures situated within the land of Central Shaheed Minar in the capital in 48 hours. The order is not applicable for an old graveyard, which is situated on the land of Shaheed Minar, the court said. In response to a writ petition, the court also asked the government to submit a report to the court in seven days after complying with the order. It also issued a rule upon the government to explain why it should not be directed to protect the land of the Central Shaheed Minar. The HC bench of Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and Justice Jahangir Hossain Selim came up with the rule and the order following a writ petition filed by Prof Muntasir Mamun, a teacher of Dhaka University.-The Daily Star online edition February 22 2012.

HC pulls for 2 Old Dhaka structures
The High Court on on February 19 asked the authorities concerned why their failure to preserve two archeological structures in Old Dhaka -- 'Shankhanidhi House' and 'Radha-Krishna Temple' -- should not be declared illegal. In response to a writ petition, the bench of Justice HM Shamsuddin Chowdhury and Justice Jahangir Hossain also asked why the failure of taking legal actions against the demolisher should not be declared illegal either. The rule came after architect Taimur Islam, chief executive of Urban Study Group (USG), filed a writ petition as Ashraf Ali, an influential of the old part of the city, knocked down the aesthetically important establishments in December 2011.-The Daily Star February 21 2012.

Govt given a year to set up museum
The High Court on February 19 gave the government nearly a year to set up a museum along with a library on the western side of the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka. During the hearing of a contempt of court rule, the court directed the secretaries to the ministries of cultural affairs, and housing and public works to complete the task by January 31, 2013. Earlier in an August 2010 ruling, the HC asked the authorities concerned to construct a museum with a library at the site by January 31 this year in order to protect the dignity of the Shaheed Minar which had been built to maintain the spirit of the 1952 Language Movement and to pay tribute to its heroes. - The Daily Star February 21 2012.


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