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Patriotism, bravery and the spirit of sacrifice are what earned the Bangalees their much-cherished independence in 1971. To free their motherland from the clutches of the Pakistani rulers and the occupation army, thousands of freedom-loving Bangladeshis fought to death. While many tales of heroic encounters and valiant role of Bangladesh’s freedom fighters during the Liberation War have made it to written history earning recognition to the brave souls, many others remain to be told.

As part of its project to build up a repository on the 1971 War of Independence, The Daily Star interviewed a number of freedom fighters and Liberation War experts who led their groups to oust the Pakistani occupation army in different parts of the country. During its first interview session, we interviewed seven freedom fighters.

Maj Gen KM Shafiullah: Second in Command of Second East Bengal Regiment that revolted on the night of March 25, 1971. He talks about the contribution of the armed forces to our Liberation War.

Nasiruddin Yusuf Bachchu: The guerrilla Commander gives an account of the last battles against the Pakistani army just days before December 16 in 1971.

Raisul Islam Asad: The renowned actor and freedom fighter tells the stories of his death-defying guerrilla missions in Dhaka city during the Liberation War in 1971.

Nasreen Ahmad: Now pro-vice chancellor of Dhaka University, Ahmad speaks about her experience while working at Shwadhin Bangla Betar Kendra as a news reader and artist in India during Liberation War in 1971.

Shahzaman Mazumder: Honoured as a Bir Protik for his valiant role during the Liberation War, Mazumder reminiscences about the battle of Ashuganj and the Muktibahini's march towards Dhaka.

Shahriar Kabir: Writer, historian, journalist and war crimes researcher talks about the challenges and scopes of documenting the historical facts of the Liberation War.

Md Haris: Freedom Fighter Haris his team members conducted operations against Pakistani army and their local collaborators under joint command in Chittagong city during the Liberation War in 1971.


Interviewed by Zaid Bin Kalam & SAM Jahan

Edited by SAM Jahan


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