In Memoriam: The notable celebrities, leaders and icons we have lost in 2017

By Asma Khatun

Published: 30th December, 2017

In 2017 the world bid farewell to many icons, celebrities and artists. The Daily Star would like to take a moment to honour some of the great minds who passed away in both home and abroad. These talented people will always be remembered for their impact on everyday life, politics and entertainment.

They are:


1. Abdul Razzak

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away”- Terry Pratchett.

This quote perfectly encapsulates the life of the legendary actor Nayak Raj Razzak. Razzak was one of the most talented and influential artists of his time. Although, this legendary actor is not with us anymore, still his great contribution to cinema will always be reminisced by the Bangladeshi film industry and his fans. In 2015, he was honoured with the ‘Independence Day Award’.


2. Om Prakash Puri

The death of this renowned actor took down the whole Bollywood industry by shock. This veteran artist was able to win the hearts of millions with his bold and diverse acting style. Surrounded by a formidable Bollywood ensemble cast, Om stood out with his brilliant satirical comedy. He received ‘Padma Shri’, the fourth highest civilian award of India, in 1990. Om passed away at the age of 66 on January 6.


3. Shashi Kapoor

Eminent Bollywood actor and producer Shashi Kapoor was one of the best-loved actors of the Indian film industry. His filmy persona and charisma attracted fans from all over the world. He acted in huge hits like ‘Deewar’ and ‘Kabhie Kabhie’. In 2011, he was honoured with the ‘Padma Bhushan’ award by the Indian government for his contributions to art and cinema. Apart from cinema, Shashi also had a soft corner for theatre acting and did everything in his possession to encourage it.


4. Roger Moore

Roger Moore, an English actor, was the very first artist who played the role of James Bond. His calm and suave acting skills presented his version of Bond look like - a smooth operator who could apparently get himself out of a tricky situation with ease. He was also well known for his humanitarian work. For instance, in 1991, he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador of Unicef.


5. Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy also known as Charles Quinton Murphy was an American actor, comedian, and writer. He was best known as a writer and cast member of a comedy series known as ‘Chappelle's Show’. Murphy passed away at the age of 82 on April 12.


6. Jong Hyun

To all the K-pop fans out there, ‘Jong Hyun’ is a well-known name. Hyun, was a vocalist of the popular South Korean boy band group ‘Shinee’. His hard work and incredible passion for music inspired a generation of young people. Hyun’s unexpected death was mourned by the entire K-pop family. Hyun died only at the age of 27 on December 18.


7. Lucky Akhand

The death of this gifted musician was considered as a great loss by many. He devoted his whole life to music especially in the genres of modern melodies and popular songs. Although it was never his aim to become a famous singer but his love and passion for music made him a great artist. Apart from singing, Akhand also served as an artist and director of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra in 1971.


8. Bari Siddiqui

He was a prominent folk singer of Bangladesh. Bari was well known as the country’s best flutist. The whole music industry mourned at the loss of this legendary singer. This eminent singer devoted his whole life to music. Bari received the ‘Bachsas Award’ for his music direction in ‘Srabon Megher Din’ for rendering the song ‘Showa Chan Pakhi’. He died at the age of 63 on November 24.


9. Chester Bennington

‘In the end’, ‘Breaking the habit’, ‘One step closer’, ‘Numb’ are some of the famous songs that dominated music charts of the mid-20’s. Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park, was the voice behind these songs. He added a new dimension to rock music with his talented singing. This American band was just at its zenith, when suddenly the whole world was both shaken and stirred by the death news of Bennington. His tragic death left millions of his fans heart broken.


10. Tom petty

Petty was a lean, persistent artist who could handle hard rock and roll and melodic pop equally well. Apart from singing, he was also a record producer and actor. He was the lead vocalist of ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ American rock band. The band was formed back in 1976. ‘American Girl’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Listen to her Heart’ are some of his notable tracks. Petty might not be here with us, but his passion for music will always inspire us.


11. Annisul Huq

Strong leader, good presenter, successful businessman, he was all. As he was the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, he tirelessly worked with honesty and integrity to inspire us to make the world a better place. He was one of those iconic figures who inspired big dreams and smiles in young generation. Annisul Huq passed away at the age of 65 on 30 November. This incredible leader will always be remembered for his contributions.


12. Dick Gregory

He was a versatile artist. Gregory never confined himself to a particular profession, rather throughout his life, he engaged himself with different kinds of activities. For instance, he was a comedian, civil rights activist, conspiracy theorist, an occasional actor etc. He was also a brave man, who strongly and openly protested racial injustice.


13. Abdul Jabbar

Eminent Bangladeshi singer, freedom fighter, Abdul Jabbar inspired the nation and freedom fighters during the Liberation War of 1971, with his singing. He associated his experience as a freedom fighter with his creative thinking and produced many patriotic songs. These songs were rebellious in nature and inspired many freedom fighters of that time. ‘Salam Salam Hajar Salam’ ‘Tumi Ki DekhechoKovhu’ ‘Joy Bangla Banglar Joy’ are some of his most popular hits.