Yaba Tablet Trading and Smuggling in Bangladesh | Daily Star

Is Yaba Unstoppable?

It is a long chain and a long history -- the manufacturing of yaba and its appearance in Bangladesh. Produced to feed soldiers in the Second World War to keep them going in full charge against enemies with full adrenaline flow, the drug is now widely available in Bangladesh.

Produced in Myanmar with military support, the pink tablets very easily cross the border and then go through various channels -- sometimes in full knowledge of the law enforcers. The final result is devastating. Millions are now addicted to the dangerous chemical. The menace is poised to cripple Bangladesh’s biggest hope -- the youth.

Most patrons of yaba trade are already well-publicised, yet they remain untouched. Amid the grim reality, The Daily Star is going to run a three-part series from May 12 to reveal how the drug cartel operates and why its invasion appears unstoppable.