Weekend Read

Weekend Read

The forgotten female footballers of Khulna

Wearing shorts and playing football -- these reasons were enough for some locals to attack under-17 female footballers of Super Queen Football Academy at Tentultala village in Khulna in July last year.

2d ago

Our dying Chalan beel

Imagine vast, shimmering water reflecting a clear blue sky. Boats glide across the surface, carrying villagers through a network of rivers and canals teeming with life. Schools of fish, like silver flashes, dart beneath the water.

1w ago

Moshar Machine promising a solution to mosquito menace

When the entire country is grappling with mosquito menace, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and his team have come up with an ingenious solution that promises to be an effective tool in mosquito control.

2w ago

Karupanya Rangpur / Is it a forest? Is it a garden? No, it’s a factory!

From a distance, it appears as a forest. But as one gets closer, it becomes evident that it’s in fact a seven-story factory building covered with vines and leaves. After entering the premises, one will see a 30-foot-tall white sculpture of a woman.

3w ago

Rise of esports in Bangladesh / From fringe hobby to national pride

For years, gaming in Bangladesh was seen as a waste of time -- often dismissed as a frivolous activity or a distraction from more “serious” pursuits. Traditional societal norms placed little value on gaming, perceiving it as an endeavour devoid of any real-world benefits.

1m ago

A love affair with tea

I wonder what it is in a cup of tea that makes it so invigorating. The obvious answer would be the stimulant, caffeine, or the particular flavour of the leaves seeping into the hot water and the aroma that takes over your senses.

1m ago

Hats off to our green heroes!

The first time I fell in love with plants was when I saw my mother’s glossy green pothos arranged in old porcelain bowls that were slightly chipped off.

1m ago

How a rickshaw-puller changed the course of Dr Zafrullah’s life

“Should I go back to the UK? If I can’t serve my countrymen, I might as well go back.”

1m ago

Mangoes and litchis taking a hit from the heat

It’s painful for Tajul Islam to see what has happened to his beloved mango orchard in Rajshahi city’s Borobongram Namopara.

For the love of computers

Buying a computer, for most people, is a fairly mundane activity. It involves going to a vendor with a budget, a list of requirements, and the hope that the salespeople are trustworthy and knowledgeable enough about the products to find the best possible deal.

Rediscovering Traditions: Putting folk arts, crafts at the forefront

Wooden dolls painted in a crimson-red or saffron-yellow sari with a black hair bun are a traditional craft of Bangladesh and an integral part of every rural fair.

Shining through neglect

In June this year, in what seemed like a step in the right direction, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) announced a pay bump for the contracted women’s cricketers.

6m ago

Toiling away childhood

At a time when he should have been going to school and growing up with all the happiness and blessings life has to offer, Sajjad ended up experiencing the other end of the spectrum.

6m ago

Hill destroyers go unpunished

Although more than 120 hills have vanished from the port city in four decades, no one has been put behind the bar for the offence in the last 20 years, thanks to legal loopholes.

6m ago

Gill nets banned but abundant

At least 300 factories continue to make these deadly fishing traps in Munshiganj due to lax monitoring and lenient punishment

6m ago

In Cumilla, canals run black

Joinul Hossain, a 55-year-old farmer in Cumilla Sadar south upazila, followed in his father’s footsteps to dedicate his entire life to cultivating their small piece of land and fishing in a canal near it.

7m ago

Eden Mohila College: 150 years of history and glory

The Eden Mohila College is noted not only for its academic excellence and its pioneering role in promoting women’s education in erstwhile British Bengal and present-day Bangladesh, but also for its glorious past and major contributions in shaping the nation’s history.

7m ago

The forgotten people of Gaibandha shoals

It was September 20. The clock almost ticked past midnight at  Dighalkandi shoal in the Jamuna river.  Manoara Begum, 30, had been suffering from a persistent fever and cough for over two weeks.

7m ago

From Chatlapur Tea Garden to Gothenburg: A journalistic odyssey

All that I tried so far was to represent the tea garden people and write about their plight, alongside reporting about the regional affairs.

7m ago

‘It was technically complex, challenging’

Md Harunur Rashid Chowdhury, who is an additional chief engineer at the Roads and Highways Department, has served as the director of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel project since February 2018, with his term extended three times until February 2024.

7m ago

Bangabandhu Tunnel Dream becomes reality

The inauguration of the Bangabandhu Tunnel by the prime minister today carries high hopes, with experts and locals anticipating that it will transform Chattogram into a city resembling Shanghai and boost industrial growth in the port city.

7m ago
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