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  • Ayasofia: A lost symbol of a shared heritage

    The Taj Mahal is to India what Ayasofia is to Turkey and so much more. Once considered the largest dome in the world, Ayasofia remains a symbol of the harmony that Turkey exudes: a merging of the East and West, a coming together of inter-connected faiths that a country like Turkey, with its many rulers and colourful history can only result in.

  • Study solves mystery origin of Stonehenge's iconic boulders

    Stonehenge, a Neolithic wonder in southern England, has vexed historians and archaeologists for centuries with its many mysteries: How was it built? What purpose did it serve? Where did its towering sandstone boulders come from?

  • Global air traffic won't return to pre-crisis level before 2024: IATA

    Global air traffic will not return to levels seen before the coronavirus pandemic until at least 2024, the International Air Transport Association said on Tuesday.

  • Bangladeshi return from India,

    Oman suspends air travel with Bangladesh: Biman top official

    Oman has suspends air communication with Bangladesh from this evening, Deputy General Manager of Public Relations at Biman Bangladesh Airlines Tahera Khandaker tells The Daily Star.

  • Tourism fair postponed

    The Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB) has postponed its biggest programme 'Bangladesh Travel and Tourism Fair' to October 29-31 due to the coronavirus situation.

  • Coronavirus: Emirates suspends all flights to Italy

    Emirates is operating its last flight from Rome today for the time being, said a press release from the airline.

  • Avoid getting scammed while traveling

    The massive upsurge in the number of travelers has spawned various related ventures around the world. Unfortunately, not all of them are meant to help the travelers. This article talks about some of the things not to do in order to avoid getting scammed while traveling in Thailand.

  • Boeing 777X takes flight for the first time

    The Boeing 777X is the newest Boeing aircraft to take flight. It flew on February 1, 2020, lifting off from Paine Field in Everett,

  • A basic guide for solo female travellers in Bangladesh

    Elizabeth Gilbert, the extremely popular author of the memoir Eat, Pray, Love once quoted that “To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice”. Travelling for many is an escape from the routine mediocrities in life that help them come to terms with the uncertainties of existential ennui.

  • Relish the inner explorer in you

    For the armchair globetrotter or travel enthusiasts in general, this site offers all-encompassing view of exciting travel destinations throughout the world with bright and vibrant glimpses of the mosaic of culture, people, history, political struggles, food and a refreshing podcast.