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Tahsan really needs no introduction. It'll be very hard to find anyone in the country who hasn't heard of him. His introduction into the music scene was met with massive positive response and his popularity is rising everyday. Although his first identity is that of a musician and singer, he has also successfully ventured into the world of acting. As if all those things weren't impressive enough, he is also a Professor at BRAC University! He is not only talented but also highly educated. His wife Mithila is just as impressive. Also a singer and actor, her passion is development work and she wishes to work more to support the underprivileged in the future. The multi-tasking dynamic duo recently became parents. Star Showbiz recently caught up with both of them to learn more about their lives.

Tahsan: We met through a common friend. Back then, I think only me and Habib was in the musical spotlight in Bangladesh, considering young artists. Add in the fact that I was single back then, I received a lot of unwanted attention from girls! This created quite a difficult situation for me because I had to be extra careful wherever I went and think twice before saying anything. But Mithila was different. When we met, she didn't really pay me much attention at all! This was honestly very refreshing for a change! This lack of attention created a great curiosity which led to a massive attraction. Through more and more interactions, I found that she also studied in Dhaka University and she has a singing background. I was recording for my album at that time and I needed a female vocal so I asked her to audition and then we did the song “Brittalpona” together. We became a couple through that collaboration.
Mithila: Not paying him attention might not have been all that intentional! I come from a singing background and I performed on stage too. So I guess when we met, I wasn't too awe struck. When I started to get the feeling that he was interested in me, I didn't over react. After 2-3 months of talking, we finally started to get together. To me, I think our relationship works because we are completely opposite to one another in terms of our habits and outlook. I am more of an outdoorsy and outspoken woman and he likes being at home and is a very quiet man.

Tahsan and Mithila: Our marriage of eight years has been full of ups and downs. When you are with the same person every day, it's very hard to find something new because you know them completely. People nowadays spend a lot of time thinking about getting married, but we didn't. We just fell in love and got married, didn't really think about anything else.


Tahsan: Before our baby was born, we were a bit selfish. What I mean is, regardless of whatever decision we took, no matter how much we compromised for one another, the truth is we were looking out for our interest first, which is the basic human instinct. With the birth of our baby, everything we do and everything we decide on is based on what will benefit our baby the most. Our child has become the center of attention for us. Every person has a role. Her role as a girl is one, as a wife, another. But in her role as a mother, which is my favorite, I think she is perfect!
Mithila: Before, we were very independent and certain freedoms, for example if we had a fight before, it didn't matter how soon we patched up! Now, with all the responsibilities and duties that befall a mother, I just don't have the time to even think about all these as my baby is my first priority.  

Tahsan: When you work in the media and when the audience accepts you, you will surely get offers and requests from many to work in their projects. When I got a request from Mimi apa, I had to oblige and give acting a go. But I felt that this isn't really my scene so I bowed out after that production. After about five years, I worked with Shihab Shahin on “Mon Furing er Golpo” and I realized that if I was such a bad actor, people wouldn't have received it as well as they did. It doesn't matter how dedicated a fan base I have, it can't justify the high TRP score that telefilm achieved. After seeing this response, I decided not to avoid acting anymore and began participating in projects whenever I found good scripts. I also decided to get involved in about 2-3 projects especially around Eid or Valentine's Day every year.
Mithila: I came into acting through with a TV commercial. The first commercial I did was for Closeup Toothpaste directed by Amitabh Reza, a family friend. Back then he was just starting out as a director and he called me up and asked me and my sister Meem to act in it. After that, I starred in a lot of other commercials directed by Amitabh. The first TV drama I worked on was by Ridwan Ronny. He asked me to act for an Eid drama but back then, I wasn't really interested so I turned down the offer. He called me again the next year around Eid time again and asked if I changed my mind. By that time I was married and I consulted with Tahsan who encouraged me, so I decided to give the project a shot. After that, I did a couple of other projects, amongst which, was the popular TV serial “House Full”. After that, I started doing projects in earnest. I guess I did something similar to Tahsan in that I also needed to see my acting potential before I jumped in!


Tahsan: I love singing. That's my passion. And I wished that the music industry was a good place to work in but it isn't. It's a loss career. The scenario is different now and artists barely manage. This is one of the reasons why I act as well. I must be honest about the fact that I don't enjoy acting anywhere near the amount I enjoy singing. My other profession, which I enjoy as much as singing is teaching as it provides me a lot of mental peace. It feels like I am like everyone else.
Mithila: I don't really have all that much love for the media industry. I am a development worker and I like working with the people in the country who needs my help. At the moment I am not working in the grassroots, but I wish to be as active as possible in in implementing projects in rural Bangladesh in the future.

Tahsan and Mithila: The shortsightedness of the channel owners is leading to the downfall of the industry. Their short-term profit expectations are the main reason for the pitiful situation of the industry. The budgets for productions are too small to produce quality dramas, so the makers are scammed. The true victim of this is the audience. To raise money, they flood a 30 min program with 20 minutes of advertisements. This would steer away any audience and that's why the audiences go to other programs in foreign channels.

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Interviewed by Rafi Hossain
and narrated By S.M. Intisab Shahriyar

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