Messenger adds default end-to-end encryption

Messenger, the instant messaging app by Meta, is launching end-to-end decryption on all messages and calls by default. With end-to-end encryption, messages and calls can only be seen by the sender and the recipient. Not even Meta will be able to see encrypted messages, as per the company.

15h ago

Google launches Gemini, new AI model to compete with GPT-4

Google has recently introduced Gemini, a collection of AI models designed to cater to various needs from lightweight mobile applications to heavyweight enterprise solutions. Gemini comes in three versions: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra, each serving specific purposes and use cases.

18h ago

Telegram adds voice-to-text transcription feature for free users

Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging app, has recently introduced several new features, including making the voice-to-text transcription feature available for all users.

4d ago

OpenAI's GPT Store launch delayed to next year

OpenAI has officially delayed the launch of the company's custom GPT store to early 2024, as per an internal memo. The GPT store, with which users could build and customise their own ChatGPT-like chatbots, was initially planned to be launched in late November.

4d ago

ChatGPT turns 1 year old

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot by OpenAI, has turned 1 year old today. Since its launch on November 30, 2022, the AI text generator has been at the forefront of natural language processing, showcasing its versatility in various applications, from business, communication, education, and programming to creative content generation.

1w ago

Meet BharatGPT, the Indian alternative of ChatGPT, an India-based AI firm, has launched BharatGPT as an Indian counterpart to the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. With support for more than 12 Indian languages, the platform collaborates with BHASHINI, a National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) under The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) of India.

1w ago

Here’s how to find your Spotify Wrapped

As the year draws to a close, Spotify Wrapped has become a much-anticipated annual tradition for music enthusiasts. This feature of Spotify compiles a comprehensive summary of your musical journey throughout the year, presented in vibrant and engaging graphics. From top songs to unique listening habits, Spotify Wrapped offers users an insightful reflection of their year in music.

1w ago

MySpace, Google+, Vine: How did they die?

While many popular social media sites have been able to retain their initial boom in popularity for years to come, there are the unfortunate ones that got lost in the waves of modern innovation and user engagement. Let's take a look at three once-popular social platforms that have died over the years: MySpace, Google+, and Vine, and find out what led to their untimely demise.

1w ago

MommyKidz: One-stop healthcare companion for parents and caretakers

MommyKidz is a Bangladeshi community-based app that provides an interactive social platform for expectant mothers and parents. They aim to offer vital tools and support to empower everyone, including fathers, caretakers, and other male family members, to promote inclusivity in the world of parenting.

Elon Musk unveils new ChatGPT rival Grok

Elon Musk's newest artificial intelligence startup, xAI, has revealed their first AI model, an AI-based chatbot, in an announcement made by Musk on his official X account. Named Grok, the AI chatbot seemingly functions similarly to ChatGPT, being able to answer questions asked by users based on information generated from large-language models.

YouTube begins global crackdown on adblockers

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, has begun enforcing a stricter policy against users with adblockers, in which video playback is being blocked unless the adblocker is disabled. While the policy was first addressed by YouTube in June this year, the platform has recently "launched a global effort" to discourage the use of adblockers and have users subscribe to YouTube Premium.

X, formerly Twitter, launches two new Premium tiers

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has recently launched two new Premium subscription tiers: Basic and Premium+. As per the platform, the new Premium+ tier is intended for users who wish to experience the microblogging app without any ads.

TikTok removed over 6.8 million videos in Bangladesh during Q2 2023

TikTok, the popular short video-sharing platform, has removed a total of 6,839,134 videos for violating Community Guidelines in Q2 2023. Comparatively, in Q1 2023, 4,236,493 Bangladeshi videos were removed by TikTok.

Here's how you can make audio/video calls on X, formerly Twitter

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has officially begun rolling out their brand-new audio and video calling feature. As per X, the feature is currently available on iOS but is being planned to be released on Android soon. Find out how you can use this new feature.

Google's cloud division in disasters; Microsoft's thrives

Google-parent Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) cloud division posted its weakest growth in nearly three years, leading to a 5.7% decline in its stock value in after-hours trading. This decline is even more striking when juxtaposed with the success of Microsoft's (MSFT.O) cloud division, which has seen a substantial surge in sales.

Elon Musk offers Wikipedia $1 billion to change name to D*ckipedia

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and owner of X (previously known as Twitter), has made an audacious donation offer to the popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia. However, his donation comes with a peculiar condition. Musk stated, "I will give them a billion dollars if they change their name to D*ckipedia." He cheekily added, "Please add that to the [cow and poop emojis] on my wiki page. In the interests of accuracy."

Instagram issues apology after adding the word 'terrorist' in certain Palestinian accounts

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently issued an apology for adding the word 'terrorist' to the profile bios of some Palestinian Instagram users. According to the company, this was a technical error on their behalf, caused by an auto-translation glitch.

X, formerly Twitter, to launch premium subscription tiers

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, will be introducing premium subscriptions for users, as per a recent post by the current owner of X, Elon Musk. According to Musk, there will be two new tiers of X Premium subscriptions: one with lower cost and all the features but no reduction in ads, and the other with higher cost but no ads.

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