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  • Working for a brighter future in Asia

    With nearly two decades of strong economic growth, the world’s highest employment ratios and lowest unemployment rates, and massive technological innovation, some say “Asia is the future” or even “The future is Asia”.

  • How do we improve maternal health of garment workers?

    The influx of millions of female workers to work at the garment factories has created unique health challenges, issues and needs that have mostly remained unstudied and unaddressed.

  • labour rights

    Are our workers' rights so cheap?

    A joint publication brought out by Oxfam, Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS) and Institute for Workers and Trade Unions in Vietnam paints a dismal picture of workers in Bangladeshi factories where Australian fashion brands source their apparels from.

  • Is the new model of trade unions the answer?

    THE history and development of trade unions in the garment sector is different from other industrial sectors of Bangladesh.