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  • 5 simple but healthy habits to start this January

    If you want to boost your health in 2019 but resolutions seem too daunting, then read on for five easy ways to improve well-being each day and throughout the new year.

  • disordered eating

    Disordered eating can have long-term negative health effects

    A new European study finds that disordered eating can have a long-term negative effect on health, such as higher body weight and lower psychological well-being, leading to researchers to emphasize the need for earlier recognition and treatment in order to avoid these negative consequences later in life.

  • Counting the cost of riding a motorcycle

    To try to understand how much more risk is involved in preferring vehicles with two wheels, rather than four, Researchers find crunched through data relating to hospital admissions for road accidents in Ontario, Canada over a six-year period.