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  • Butter smooth performance: 1991 Toyota Mark II X81

    It’s a rare moment when a locally built project car leaves everyone on the Shift team in utter awe—having seen countless hack jobs and botched builds over six years of sourcing Bangladeshi enthusiast builds, we’ve pretty much seen the entire spectrum of what is possible with the unique constraints placed on project car owners in the country. This is one of those moments.

  • Smooth Lines: JZX100 Mark II Tourer V

    Shareq Abhtahee longed to build an X100, and it had to be a Mark II with the right bit of both the worlds – elegant, yet sporty.

  • When X-chassis meets Club GT

    What do you do when you are a member of Club GT and a part of the JZX community? Be present at Cantonment Railway Station on a windy afternoon on 21st Feb.