IUT students recreate 3D model of their campus for a video game

Three undergraduate students from the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) have created a 3D model of their campus for a video game, and the results are mind-blowing.

What it takes to get into product management in Bangladesh

Product managers facilitate the research, drive the design and execution, and see through the launch of the product, while balancing both the business and user side of things.

Skills you need to build a successful career in tech

While technical skills are very important to have, you also need a few additional skills to help you hone them.

Things to consider before you build your PC

Buying a PC is a long-term investment, given how expensive it can be.

Dhaka University secures 1st and 2nd positions at ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest

DU secured the first and second positions while BUET came in third. 

Tackling frustrations with non-tech savvy parents

When teaching your parents new technology, it is important to approach the task with patience and compassion.

Mechanical keyboard essentials to know for writers

Whether you are buying a prebuilt mechanical keyboard or making it yourself, there are a few essentials you should consider.

Why VPN is important for an everyday net surfer

Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become an increasingly important tool for everyday internet users. It offers a variety of benefits that can help protect your online privacy and security and enable you to access restricted content in your region. Here are some key reasons that make VPN so important for daily internet usage.

7 essentials for the modern millennial man cave

‘Man caves’ serve precisely this purpose, which explains why they are so well-liked. Building a man cave is a combination of smart design, high-tech entertainment and comfortable furniture. So, if you’re looking to build a man cave or considering some upgrades for your current one, then here are 7 things you should absolutely nail.

November 21, 2015
November 21, 2015

Delhi boy gets Rs 1.27cr offer from Google

Delhi boy Chetan Kakkar has set a new record for international placement for Delhi Technological University (DTU) by grabbing an offer of $1,90,000 (Rs 1.27 crore approx) per annum from Google, reports The Times of India.

September 30, 2015
September 30, 2015

Google’s new smartphones: Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

Just a week after Apple released its newest iPhones, Google has debuted two new phones of its own.

September 20, 2015
September 20, 2015

Online security for the average internet user

Here are a few internet security and privacy basics to save you from the hassle of having your information or account stolen.

April 18, 2015
April 18, 2015

How to solve Silicon Valley's diversity challenges?

Google knows it's got problems with diversity among its ranks, and it was one of the first in Silicon Valley to say so.

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