Tavella murder | The Daily Star
  • An Uncomfortable Centre Stage

    We cannot and will not shy away just because some boro bhai (elder borther) somewhere thought killing an innocent Italian national would set Bangladesh off its course.

  • US working with Bangladesh to assess foreigners’ killers

    The United States is working relentlessly with the Bangladesh government and other key partners to identify the true culprits of the foreigner killings here.

  • Headway in the Tavella case

    After weeks of little visible progress in the investigation of the murder of Cesare Tavella, an Italian national, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police has caught four suspects involved in the killing and recovered a motorcycle that was apparently used by the murderers to escape.

  • Tavella killing: 'Target was any white man'

    Italian citizen Cesare Tavella murder suspects confess to being hired for killing “a white man” to create anarchy in the country, according to chief of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

  • Tavella murder blueprint unearthed: DMP chief

    Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia said they have unearthed the conspiracy and blueprint behind the killing of Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella.

  • 2 drops of water don’t mean rainfall: Russian envoy

    Voicing concern over the recent killing of two foreign nationals, Russian Ambassador in Dhaka Alexander A Nikolaev says two drops of water do not mean that it is raining as a peaceful environment is prevailing in Bangladesh.

  • Tavella murder: Detectives still clueless

    Detectives say they are still clueless about motives behind the murder of Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella.

  • DMP forms team to assist Tavella murder probe

    Dhaka Metropolitan Police forms an 11-memebr police team to assist the investigation officer of Italian national killing case.