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  • Tanvir Mokammel's Rupsa Nodi'r BaNke

    Tanvir Mokammel announces new film

    Eminent Bangladeshi filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel is all set to begin work on a historical feature film titled “Rupsa Nodi'r BaNke”

  • In conversation with Tanvir Mokammel

    In an interview with Star Weekend, Tanvir Mokammel talks about the significance of 1947 in his films, the role of artists in documenting history and the amnesia surrounding Partition among Bangladeshi filmmakers.

  • Tanvir Mokammel Retrospective at CU

    Chittagong University Film Society and Bangladesh Film Institute have collaborated to organise a five-day event “Tanvir Mokammel Film Retrospective” at Chittagong University (CU) that began yesterday.

  • “Lal Shalu” to be screened in Australia

    Tanvir Mokammel's acclaimed film “Lal Shalu” will travel to Australia on an invitation from film archiving society Australian Cinematheque.

  • Jibondhuli

    Tanvir Mokammel scores a first

    In a first for a feature film entirely made in Bangladesh, Tanvir Mokammel-directed “Jibondhuli” is going to be released in India in August.