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  • Saudi Arabia's Perilous Pivot

    The most dangerous moment for a bad government,” the nineteenth-century French statesman and historian Alexis de Tocqueville observed, “is usually when it begins to reform itself.” Reform, after all, implies that traditional norms and institutions may have already been discredited, but that alternative structures have yet to be firmly established.

  • Houthi missile attacks in Riyadh

    Bangladesh denounces Houthi missile attacks in Riyadh

    Bangladesh conveys its deep concern at the recent multiple ballistic missile attacks by the Houthi rebels aimed at Riyadh and other bordering cities of South Western parts of Saudi Arabia.

  • ‘Saudi women should not have to wear abaya robes’

    Saudi women need not wear the abaya - the loose-fitting, full-length robes symbolic of religious faith - a senior member of the top Muslim clerical body said, another indication of the Kingdom's efforts towards modernisation.

  • Saudi Arabia seeks place on tourism map

    Gazing at a shimmering salt pan below, a group of first-time Saudi hikers descends craggy slopes into a volcanic crater, part of a hidden trove of natural wonders being promoted to kickstart tourism.

  • A Saudi woman checks a car

    Saudi women to enter stadiums for first time

    Saudi women will be allowed for the first time to enter a sports stadium to watch a soccer match between two local teams, though they will be segregated from the male-only crowd with designated seating in the so-called “family section.”

  • Saudi Arabia, UAE to roll out VAT in 2018

    Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have long lured foreign workers with the promise of a tax-free lifestyle. Now they plan to impose a 5 percent tax next year on most goods and services to boost revenue after oil prices collapsed three years ago.

  • Houthi missile attacks in Riyadh

    Saudi intercepts Houthi missile

    Saudi air defences intercepts a ballistic missile fired towards the capital Riyadh but there are no reports of casualties, the Saudi-led coalition says.

  • Saudi women

    Saudi women will also be allowed to drive motorcycles, trucks

    Saudi Arabian women will be able to drive trucks and motorcycles, officials say three months after the kingdom announced a historic decision to end a ban on women driving.

  • Saudi Arabia to allow movie theaters after decades of ban

    Saudi Arabia announces it will allow movie theaters to open in the conservative kingdom next year, for the first time in more than 35 years, in the latest social push by the country’s young crown prince.

  • Jerusalem Israel capital

    Jerusalem: Arabs, Europe, UN reject Trump’s move

    Arabs and Muslims across the Middle East condemn the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as an incendiary move in a volatile region and Palestinians said Washington was abandoning its leading role as a peace mediator.