• Pivoting Higher Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The future calls for the establishment of innovation as an educational discipline. Therefore, our best bet is to prepare the youth for the changing future by shifting our focus towards innovation and interdisciplinary experiential learning.

  • High-speed internet for digital learning

    To realise the full potential of digital technologies high-speed internet is a basic requirement.

  • Library of the future

    In the digital age libraries are no longer archaic rooms of dusty books, but a gateway that provides seamless digital access to content—both text and audio-visual. With the establishment of UGC Digital Library (UDL) Bangladesh has made a qualitative leap in this regard.

  • Digital Bangla text

    EARLIER if you wanted to digitise a magazine article or a book you had to spend hours typing the content and correcting the typing mistakes. You can use a scanner or a digital camera to create an image or a snapshot of the document but the content cannot be edited.

  • University mobile apps

    If a university wants to engage with students, it must go where students are most accessible. It is not possible from behind a desk. Students who are growing up using mobile apps will find websites archaic because they can be slow to load and have too many pages to find information instantaneously.

  • Learning through gaming

    Comprehension, imagination and implementation are three key things that lie at the heart of science and technology education. As the current education system is more geared towards knowledge through memorisation, students lack logical thinking and imagination.

  • Internet of educational things

    The Internet of Things (IoT), the connection of devices (beyond computers and smartphones) to the internet, is poised to radically transform every aspect of our life including our learning process. It will virtually connect everything that can be connected.


    DIGITAL is the new reality. Any educational institution that is not thinking digital is going to go the way of the dinosaur! Teaching must give way to “reaching”. With technology, teachers have the opportunity to be much more creative.