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  • Pakistan acts, Bangladesh counteracts

    Diplomatic tensions between Bangladesh and Pakistan seem to be escalating, with each government summoning the other's

  • Pakistan again sides with war criminals

    Pakistan national parliament has once again sided with war criminals by passing a resolution to express serious concerns over the execution of Jamaat-e-Islami chief Motiur Rahman Nizami. This has caused a huge outcry in Bangladesh and risks further straining of the relations between the two countries. Ministers and war crimes trial campaigners have termed the resolution a brazen attempt to meddle in internal affairs of the country.


    He had opposed the very notion of Bangladesh.From writing anti-liberation pieces in newspapers to instigating his fearsome gang called Al-Badr Bahini to kill unarmed civilians to directly participating in massacre...

  • Lethal, last bite of losers

    It was the final act of brutality against a nation yearning to be free. The ruthless militia systematically rounded up one by one and tortured and brutally killed the nation's brightest minds. What it wanted was to execute the evil plot of Pakistan occupation forces to wipe out the Bangalee intelligentsia towards the end of the Liberation War in 1971.