Kumar Bishwajit

Kumar Bishwajit dedicates new song to ailing son Nibir

Penned by Hasanuzzaman Masum, the song features lines, “Bristy ekhon ar bhalo lagena… Tobu Sarakkhon amar hridoy mon Nibir opekkha korche,” which loosely translates to, “The sound of rain seems like someone’s earnest tears to me now, don’t the clouds in the sky delineate the pain in my heart! The rain freezes my heart in grief as I constantly wait for my beloved Nibir.”

Nibir’s health condition improves, Kumar Bishwajit asks for prayers

The veteran singer and his wife, Naima Sultana, have been in Toronto, Canada, for the past ten months since the deadly accident that almost killed Nibir. The singer said that they are both trying their best to be with their son, and his condition is slowly improving.

Kumar Bishwajit asks fans to pray for his son

The evergreen singer has been singing since the 1980s. Many of his songs have become timeless to Bengalis. Some of his timeless hits include, “Tumi Roj Bikele”, “Jekhane Shimanto Tomar”, and “Putuler Moto Kore”, amongst many others.

Kumar Bishwajit prays for Nibir’s deceased friends

Taking to his social media account, Kumar Bishwajit wrote an emotional note praying for the deceased youths.

Kumar Bishwajit provides latest updates on son’s condition

Legendary singer Kumar Bishwajit, along with his wife Naima Sultana, had rushed to Canada after receiving news of their son’s road accident.

An outpouring of love and prayers for Kumar Bishwajit’s son

Since the news of the accident made headlines, many people have come forward to express their love and send their prayers for Kumar Nibir

Tahsan, SD Rubel, Kumar Bishwajit top tax paying musicians

Tahsan Rahman Khan, SD Rubel, and Kumar Bishwajit have become the top taxpayers in the singers' category for the tax year of 2021-22, according to the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

This legendary singer already has the “Bishwa Cup”

As the world cup season comes to an end, the banter and craze regarding it will reach its crescendo soon enough.

Kumar Bishwajit on Pohela Boishakh

Kumar Bishwajit is releasing a new song on Pohela Boishakh. The lyrics have been written by Biplob Saha and the music and mixing has been done by Ujjal Sinha.

June 11, 2016
June 11, 2016

Sharangshey Tumi takes form as a Musical Film

The initial plan for Kumar Bishwajit was to produce a duet album and, according to the plan, singers Samina Chowdhury, Shubhomita and Nancy performed alongside him.

June 1, 2016
June 1, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kumar Bishwajit!

With his melodic voice, Kumar Bishwajit has what it takes to win over millions of music fans. And his passion for music seems to grow though he has been in the industry for decades. The National Film Award winning singer will celebrate his 53rd birthday today.

December 11, 2015
December 11, 2015


Kumar Bishwajit, a man born for music, has inspired many upcoming singers in his long career. His melodic voice has also won him a large fan following...

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