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  • Magic Maestro Jewel Aich

    Jewel Aich

    A freedom fighter, a magic maestro and a flute virtuoso – Jewel Aich is the only of his kind who has introduced the name of the land he had fought for to countless of countries across the world.

  • Jewel Aich

    Jewel Aich set to enthrall Australia

    Jewel Aich is one of the most renowned practitioners of magic in Bangladesh. In addition to his national fame, the celebrity has held audiences spellbound across international waters.

  • Magical memories of Jewel Aich

    Renowned magician Jewel Aich is a multi-talented personality.

  • Jewel Aich

    Television of Innovation

    In this episode, the audiences first saw the appearance of Jewel Aich. At that time Jewel Aich had participated in this program as a magician and the headmaster of Pirojpur High School.