Islamist militants

Taliban announce spring offensive

The Taliban yesterday announced their annual spring offensive, which comes as the US and Afghan politicians try to negotiate a peace settlement with the Islamist militants.

Boko Haram links to IS alarm UN

The UN Security Council has said it is alarmed by ties between Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamist militants and the Islamic State (IS) group.

Xulhaz ‘killers’ as seen in CCTV footage

Law enforcers find a CCTV footage that shows some suspected killers of LGBT rights activist Xulhaz Mannan and his friend Tonoy Fahim running away after committing the murder in Kalabagan area of Dhaka.

Philippines clash kills 18 soldiers

The Philippines military says 18 soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting with Islamist militants in the south of the country.

Bangladesh in 34-state Islamic military alliance

Bangladesh has joined a Saudi Arabia-based 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, according to a joint statement published on state news agency SPA.

4 IS suspects indicted

A Dhaka court frames charges against four ‘IS’ suspects for their alleged involvement in a conspiracy to topple the democratic government through subversive activities and establish a Khilafat state.

The War on Abstract Notions

Wars on abstract concepts (e.g. terror, freethinking) are dangerous because they can be aimed at virtually anyone and can be invoked to launch every missile and curtail every freedom.

'Paris concert gunman was French, known to have Islamist ties'

One of the gunmen who died after attacking a Paris concert hall has French nationality and is known to have ties with Islamist militants, a source close to the inquiry into a series of deadly attacks in Paris says.

ISIS in Bangladesh: Contradictory messages deepen anxiety

Siegfried O. Wolf, a professor of political science at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg, said that foreign intelligence agencies did withhold sensitive information from Bangladesh, fearing that it could be misused. The country is in the grip of extreme political polarization, he said, and there is factionalism and rivalry among security agencies.

May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015

Islamic State militants in Libya 'seize Sirte airport'

Islamic State militants in Libya claims to have seized the airport in the coastal city of Sirte

April 16, 2015
April 16, 2015

Al-Shabab recruiting in Kenyan towns

Somalia's Islamist al-Shabab militants are recruiting heavily in north-eastern Kenya, according to evidence gathered by the BBC.

April 7, 2015
April 7, 2015

A Massacre in Africa

WHY is it that schools and schoolchildren have become such high-profile targets for murderous Islamist militants?

March 25, 2015
March 25, 2015

Boko Haram takes 500 children

About 500 children aged 11 and under are missing from the Nigerian town, Damasak which has been recaptured from Islamist militants

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