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  • Apple’s CarPlay: A quiet revolution?

    Apple’s CarPlay pledges to offer the connectivity that drivers and passengers crave, with the intelligence to get out of the way when it’s not wanted. The system works by serving up CarPlay-compatible apps on a vehicle’s in-dash screen, essentially displaying them in a special format in the car while they’re running on an iPhone.

  • Startup shows off self-destructing messages

    A new application lets people send self-destructing messages from whatever email accounts they fancy.

  • Yahoo's ear-based identification system

    Yahoo is working on a way of unlocking a mobile phone using the owner's ear rather than a password or fingerprint.

  • Apple Watch begins global launch – quietly

    Analysts say Apple will become the overnight leader in the nascent segment. Strategy Analytics predicts Apple will sell 15.4 million units worldwide in 2015, giving Apple a 55 percent market share.

  • Gmail Android app puts all your email in one place

    Google's latest update to the Android version of the Gmail app adds a new "all inboxes" view which improvs the way email threads are organized for non-Google email accounts

  • Instagram releases collage-making app called Layout

    The move by the Facebook-owned smartphone photo sharing service was in keeping with a strategy by social network co-founder Mark Zuckerberg to field separate, specialised applications aimed at ways people like to use mobile devices.