global economic crisis

Are we on the brink of a global recession?

Global demand has consistently weakened this year, for multiple reasons, and the risk of recession is rising. If advanced economies were to fall into recession, developing countries in Asia would not be immune to the fallout. Policymakers in the region will need to monitor and carefully navigate a challenging economic environment to keep inflation in check and sustain growth.

Economics Nobel for Central Bankers?

Winners of the Nobel Prize in economics this year were rewarded for their work in the 1980s that 'significantly improved' the world's understanding of banks.

Oil prices settle up; China demand hopes outweigh recession worry

Oil prices settled up on Friday as hopes of stronger Chinese demand and a weakening US dollar outweighed concern about a global economic downturn and the impact of interest rate rises on fuel use.

Charting the middle-income journey

Bangladesh needs proper macroeconomic management to avoid middle income trap

Euro equals USD: the good, the bad and the ugly

On July 12, the euro equaled the US dollar, a fall for the former since its journey began in 2002.  

BCB shortening touring party for cost-cutting

The Bangladesh Cricket Board will be sending fewer personnel to the West Indies as a cost-cutting measure. The Daily Star learned that plans are for a few support staff to be excluded for the tour along with a selector and a pace bowler from the squad.

Is Bangladesh paying the price of administered forex regime?

The taka faced less depreciation against the US dollar compared to other South Asian currencies in the last one year, eroding the export competitiveness of Bangladesh against its peers.

Global economic crisis: TIB calls upon govt to form advisory committee

Transparency International Bangladesh today (May 20, 2022) called upon the government to form an independent "Economic Strategy Advisory Committee" to advise on ways to address the potential global economic fallout and ensure continued commendable economic performance achieved so far.

Business & Finance / America in the Way

The third Interna-tional Conference on Financing for Development recently convened in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.

April 30, 2015
April 30, 2015

Transforming Economies, Realising Rights

Ultimately, upholding women's rights will not only make economies work for women, it will also benefit societies as a whole by creating a fairer and more sustainable future.