Founder of 'Neo JMB' held: police

Counterterrorism officials yesterday claimed to have arrested a top militant who along with Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury formed terror outfit “Neo JMB” that carried out the Gulshan café attack last year and scores of secret killings.

2 'Neo JMB men' held

Counterterrorism officials yesterday claimed to have arrested two suspected members of militant outfit “Neo JMB” in the capital's Khilkhet area.

Counterterrorism: US official commends Dhaka's role

A visiting senior official of the US Department of State has commended Bangladesh's “tremendous” role in counterterrorism initiatives and said that the US will continue to cooperate in this area.

Not serious but threat is there

Militant group “Neo JMB” is still posing a security threat as its members are making efforts to carry out suicide attacks individually, said counterterrorism officials.

Militants adopt new strategy

Shortage of funds and difficulties in renting apartments are forcing “Neo-JMB” militants to shun the practice of leaving their homes

Target Aug 15 Mourners: Terror attack plan foiled

A suspected suicide bomber of “Neo JMB” was killed during an anti-militancy operation at a city hotel yesterday as counterterrorism officials claim he had planned to carry out an attack on the crowd paying homage to Bangabandhu on National Mourning Day at Dhanmondi 32.

Militants pose no major risks now

The DMP's counterterrorism chief has claimed to have destroyed the operational capacity of militants and has expressed confidence

Dhaka, Washington to fight terrorism together

Dhaka and Washington have agreed to enhance cooperation in the areas of counterterrorism and countering violent extremism through capacity enhancement.

Guns, God and grievances: Belgium's Islamist "airbase"

"A breeding ground for violence" the mayor of Molenbeek called her town, speaking of unemployment and overcrowding among Arab immigrant families, of youthful despair finding refuge in radical Islam.

May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015

Australia to pass law to strip citizenship for terror crimes

Australia plans to pass a law within weeks to give the government power to strip citizenship from dual nationals who are suspected terrorists even if they are not convicted of a crime, the prime minister says.