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  • Rohingya Crisis: Hasina, Xi for quick solution

    Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday agreed that there should be a quick solution to the Rohingya crisis so that the displaced people can go back to their homeland soon.

  • China-Taiwan Reunification: Xi threatens to use force

    Taiwan's unification with the mainland is "inevitable", President Xi Jinping said yesterday, warning against any efforts to promote the island's independence and saying China would not renounce the option of using military force to bring it into the fold.

  • Don't dictate to us

    President Xi Jinping yesterday warned that no one can "dictate" China's economic development path as the Communist Party marked 40 years of its historic "reform and opening up" policy amid a stern challenge from the United States.

  • China opens longest sea-crossing bridge

    China's President Xi Jinping launches the world's longest sea bridge connecting Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China at a time when Beijing is tightening its grip on its semi-autonomous territories.

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping

    Empowered Xi says China ready to fight 'bloody battle'

    President Xi Jinping delivers a blistering nationalist speech, warning against any attempts to split China and touting the country's readiness to fight "the bloody battle" to regain its rightful place in the world.