Bipasha Hayat

53 years of being together: Abul Hayat and Mahfuza Shirin

February 4 is a special day for Ekushey Padak winning legendary actor, director and play-wright Abul Hayat. It was on this day in 1970, that he had started his married life with Mahfuza Shirin. Together, they have completed 53 years together, happily stepping onto their 54th year.

The price of freedom: Reminiscing ‘Joyjatra’

"Joyjatra" begins in a remote village. Even though the Liberation War is already underway, there is a sense of denial regarding the looming danger.

Small reunion of popular celebrities in the USA

Many popular television faces have moved abroad for a better future and a brighter perspective. Actress Priya Dias posted some beautiful pictures from a friend's get-together at Queens, New York in the USA.

Friends, family, and feasts: Stars share their Eid plans

For celebrities who keep busy throughout the year, Eid is a chance to sit back and relax by offering prayers, visiting loved ones, and feasting.


Bipasha Hayat is a woman of many talents. Over the years, the gifted artist has explored different dimensions of arts and culture, be it acting, scriptwriting, singing or painting. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, she speaks about her philosophy of life, her thoughts and her career.

“We are born anew every day” – Bipasha Hayat

One of the most respected faces in the showbiz industry today, Bipasha Hayat is synonymous to excellence, perfection and diligence in her craft.

Bipasha Hayat talks art

The best part about this career path is that it is creatively fulfilling. I constantly get to work on subjects that I have something to say about and come up with different ideas in my mind. As an artiste, I also get to enjoy many new experiences.

Bipasha Hayat

Bipasha Hayat has been chosen as a Jury member for the Dhaka International Conference on the topic “Women in Cinema”. A fourteen-member jury panel comprising of local and international film experts will judge the films screened at the festival.

Bipasha and Tauquir on their “Chemistry”

Bipasha Hayat and Tauquir Ahmed have stood out in the Bangladesh television industry as a powerhouse couple, pairing up for roles for over 25 years. The actors first became a duo in the 1992 play “Sonali Roddur”. Off-screen, the dynamic couple continues

July 15, 2016
July 15, 2016

Painting is my passion - Bipasha Hayat

I like to work in silence. I can't write with chaos or noise around me. This is why most of my writing is at night, when it's quiet and my thoughts are uncluttered.

June 17, 2016
June 17, 2016

The Afzal-Tauquir-Bipasha trifecta

TV director Arif Khan is bringing out the big guns this Eid, casting Afzal Hossain, Tauquir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat for tele-film “Rupali Diner Golpo”, putting the three big names on the same screen for the first time.

August 8, 2015
August 8, 2015

Bipasha Hayat Captured on Canvas

Bipasha Hayat is a prominent actress and scriptwriter, educated in the Institute of Fine Arts. Her talents in both acting and script writing over the years have secured her a place in the top ranks of the industry. In recent times though, she is barely seen as an actress, causing despair among her fans. Today though, Star Showbiz will glimpse at another side of Bipasha; not the actress or writer but the painter Bipasha.

June 29, 2015
June 29, 2015

Tauquir-Bipasha working under Abul Hayat's direction

Celebrity couple Tauquir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat will be seen together in single- episode television play “Sonali Danar Cheel”.

June 20, 2015
June 20, 2015

Style Icon: Bipasha

Bipasha Hayat earned her name during the Golden Age of Television. She isn't just a pretty face either as she studied at the Charukola Institute and now focusing on being an artist.