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  • BTRC shuts 2 shops, seizes 700 mobile phones

    The telecom regulator sentences seven shop owners to different terms in jail for their alleged involvement in illegal imports of mobile phones.

  • BNP Election Campaign

    BNP website blocked over 'distasteful' content

    The BNP's official website -- -- was blocked last week as it contained “distasteful” content, said the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) yesterday evening in an e-mail to the Election Commission.

  • Bangladesh’s roads among worst in Asia

    Bangladesh’s roads among worst in Asia

    Bangladesh’s roads are among the worst in Asia, DataLeads say in a recent infograph published based on an opinion survey of the World Economic Forum.

  • Woman-unfriendly public transport

    With a handful of women-only buses run by Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) on major routes in Dhaka, thousands of women commuters are forced to resort to other forms of transportation to get around the city.