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  • Fakirerpool back in top-flight football

    Fakirerpool Youngmen's Club returned to top-flight football after ensuring their top-two finish in the Bangladesh Championship League yesterday.

  • 10 cops disciplined

    Salary increments and promotions of 10 members of Barisal Metropolitan Police (BMP), accused of creating a joint bribe fund to quicken their promotion, have been halted.

  • 45 officials promoted to SP

    The government has promoted a total of 45 additional superintendents of police to the position of superintendent of police in different districts across the country.

  • Bank heist: Manager just got promotion letter

    Waliullah, manager of Bangladesh Commerce Bank's Kathgora branch, just got his promotion letter before he was killed in a robbery attempt at his branch in Savar.

  • Wholesale promotions

    THE wholesale promotion of 873 senior civil bureaucrats for no apparent reason is a bewildering move of the government.

  • Promotion spree in police admin too

    Government promotes 134 police officials throughout different districts of the country a day after the biggest promotion spree in civil service.