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  • Flu vaccine

    Flu vaccine can prevent hospitalization in children: Study

    New Canadian research finds that children who have been vaccinated against influenza, also known as flu, are significantly less likely to end up in hospital because of the virus.

  • Top tips to stay healthy this fall

    Top tips to stay healthy this fall

    Heading into fall also signals the start of flu season, as the temperature drops and we spend more time wrapped up indoors. To help protect yourself from any bugs being passed around at work or picked up at school, follow these simple tips for a healthier season for all the family.

  • Seasonal flu: expert advices and home remedies

    Have you ever wondered what measures can be adopted to prevent yourself from this flu? The Daily Star brings to you expert advice from medical practioners on ‘home remedies to prevent seasonal flu’

  • Universal flu vaccine comes

    Researchers say they are closer to developing a vaccine to give life-long protection against any type of flu, after promising trials in animals.