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Mayor Mohiuddin Chowdhury talks with Sultana Razia of

DS: What problems are you facing as Mayor?
MC: Well, there is lack of coordination between the government policy makers and the City Corporation. Furthermore, the law enforcement system cannot be controlled by the municipality. So we are yet to reach a position where everything would work smoothly.

DS: Does CCC have any income generation project or plan?
MC: Yes, we have taken some initiatives like the firewood project, which uses household wastes as raw material. Our experts on waste management have worked hard and made firewood from wastes and it is really a commercially viable idea. We sell it in the open market. It is eco friendly and has no negative environmental impact. We encourage people to use it as it is cheaper than wood and it will help stop indiscriminate felling of trees -- the usual source of firewood.

To avoid wastage of electricity we installed the switches of the street lamps at the nearby mosques and we assigned the Immam/ Muazzin to put off the switch in the morning when they get up for prayer. They are not paid regularly. During the time of Eid they are given Tk. 1500/2000 for performing this job. And so you never find any street light on during day time in Chittagong like other cities.

DS: How are you going to address problems like load-shedding and shortfall in water supply?
MC: To end the continual load-shedding and shortage of power generation, CCC has already installed two 14-megawatt plants.

The supply of pure drinking water will be ensured through implementation of the Surface Water Treatment Plants(SWTP). This will solve the existing water crisis in the city. Supply of pure water to railway staff colonies will be restored through treatment of Foy's Lake water.

DS: What is your opinion on “city government"?
MC: City dwellers will be greatly benefited if there is coordinated representation and participation of different government, semi government and service oriented organisations to ensure the cherished growth of utility services and civic amenities. With that aim in view the city government can be established comprising all service oriented government and semi-government organisations.

DS: What is CCC doing in the health sector?
MC: Recently,CCC launched "City Corporation Pharmaceuticals" at the Sagorika Road of Pahartali area for supplying quality medicine at comparatively low prices. CCC has established health centres and provides home delivery services and similar other medical services to the expectant mothers in the slum areas of the city. These services are provided free of cost. Gifts for the newborn babies are also supplied by CCC in hospitals.

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