Bangladesh, Oil 1997

In Living Colour

Shahabuddin is a living legend whose work needs no introduction. Rather than attempt in vain to capture the glory of his genius in words, we have opted to present to you a two-page spread of some of his most transcendent works. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of the master painter, we feel that nothing could approach the eloquence of his creations, a selection of which we offer here for your viewing with pride and patriotism. We feel that no celebration of Bangladesh today would be complete without a feature on the award-winning and internationally feted artist who has done so much to create the modern artistic identity of the nation and who has put Bangladeshi art on the world stage.

Drawing, Charcoal 1983
Chasing Dog, Oil 1983
Solidarity, Oil 1994
Gandhi, Oil 1980
Bangabandhu-4, Oil 1993
Freedom Fighter-2, Oil 1989

Escape, Oil 1978
Drawing, Charcoal 1981

Freedom Fighter, Oil 1997

Hunting, Oil 1994

Courtesy: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

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